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And now it was time to assemble her sundial. Chloe spread her robes out beneath her as she settled to the ground. It was easy enough to launder her robes and it kept her legs warm and dry against the damp ground. Her rock and stick were close at hand, and her wand was out of its holster.

Painting the rock was well enough, although Chloe was fussy enough that she minded very much how even and careful her paintbrush strokes were. Every dab was carefully applied, and it annoyed Chloe to realize how far behind she was getting because she was so intent on doing things 'right'. When the whole flat face was painted, Chloe gave it a good blast with a warm air charm to dry it quickly.

She set the rock on a level spot of ground and began the process of straightening and fixing the stick to it. One flat end cut with a neat severing charm, and then she had to fiddle a bit to get it upright while she performed the sticking charm. It wobbled slightly, and Chloe was worried the wobble would stick, but at the last moment, she nudged the stick into place. There. Perfect.
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