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Charles appreciated the little paper owls that Royland tended to send. It was a nice change of pace from the purple paper airplanes and occasional patronus that would prance around his office. Plus, when he was done with the memo, he could bring them to his grandchildren as a present!

Stepping out of his office and walking through January's, the Minister for Magic emerged in the lobby area to greet their visitors from Games & Sports. He recalled Victoria mentioning something or another about having an important matter to discuss with his office...but he was drawing a bit of a blank at the moment as to the specifics. There were many memos and files on his desk and recently he had not been as organized as he would have liked. Perhaps he should look into hiring himself a personal assistant.

"Good day, gentlemen," he greeted boisterously with open arms. "Do what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?" And he rewarded Royland with a small packet of yogurt covered raisins from his own office, which he tossed lightly in the young man's direction.

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