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Default Sorry for the delay, my dears!

Was she alright? Why, of course she was alri- crack.

Oh, that's right. She couldn't stand up. Oh well. It was all worth it to pet this sweet creature.

"Oh no, no, dear I'm just fine. My back is fine! Just a little rusty after all these years." She'd probably be able to stand up in an hour or two. Not to worry! As for the unidentified creature, Dolly was still admiring the little fuzzy thing when the girl asked if they should tell someone about it? "I don't see why we should. Isn't there always something unidentified wandering around these halls?" It really wasn't a surprise, was it? Perhaps she was new.

She sure was asking a lot of questions, wasn't she? "No, perhaps you should talk less - you might scare it away." At least the little thing had a functioning back and could run away. Ha!

Then another curious student arrived and Dolly was still hunched over. It was a position she found herself in often these days. It was just a part of being old. "Hello, dear. Isn't he cute?" Did her hair look bad in this 90 degree angle?
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