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Hogwarts was so huge that despite having been there for a while now Caolan was still discovering places that he had never been before. In his spare time he often found himself hanging out in his common room or going for a wander through the corridors seeing what was around. This place was so much cooler than his old school was, there was no chewing gum under the desks and ugly concrete buildings here.

It was on one of these wanders that he came across the armour gallery which he had stumbled upon again that day. He wasn’t really paying much attention to his surroundings until he was half-way down the corridor and spotted another person there with him. He let out a groan at who it was.


Oops. Was that out loud?

He was sure the guy was actually an okay bloke but he hadn’t really gotten over how little effort he had put into that DADA lesson nor got his head around the several clones at that charms lesson. Perhaps if he kept walking..?
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