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Honestly, he wasn't trying to terrify the boy. That wasn't the first thought to cross his mind. No, he was genuinely curious about if the boy had a plan beyond "do it then die". That tended to be a problem with Gryffindors--or had been while he was at school but with everything that had happened thus far, it may have still be a safe bet.

The man scratched absent-mindedly at his chin while he considered his response. They'd know he was missing pretty quickly.


"Quick enough to make sure we aren't just looking for your body after?" Next important question. "As you can imagine, something like that would be troublesome--not for you, you'll be dead. It won't matter much then for you, but y'know, for others." Something like that could be traumatizing to some of the students on the search team...if he even allowed them on the search. That was probably considered negligent and that wasn't a title he was trying to earn for himself.

"How long d'you reckon you could hold your own against the things in there? Practically speaking for a moment." He looked to the boy again, the second year who was still learning things like wand lighting charms and how to undo spells. It was a serious sort of look, but a contemplative one too. "What's your strategy? How will you ensure you live to brag about it with things physically bigger and stronger and in groups, often large." Impromptu defense class right here.

How unexpected!
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