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Default Member of the Month January 2019 (it's back!)

Presents: SnitchSeeker's

January 2019!

That's right, its back again! After a hiatus of several years, to recognize our wonderful members, SnitchSeeker's Member of the Month has been reinstated - and our first MotM for 2019 to kick things off is cindajean! Come and read her interview here and show your support! While you're there why not take a trip down memory lane and read up on some old interviews?
Ahh very creative stuff! No wonder you found your way to SS! Do you collect anything? If not is there anything you'd like to collect?
I collect Blue vases with peacocks on them, post cards, vintage Avon, buttons/pins you know the ones with pictures on them. I guess I would say also small tin containers. None of these I ever said I hey this is cool let me collect this. Nope one day I just look at my stuff and go I have a few of these I guess I collect them.
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