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Originally Posted by Lislchen View Post
"...he was?!"

Wow, that was a really special birthday, wasn't it? "That's a nice birthday." Nora leaned towards the pram a little when she said that, smiling at Reuben. "I think Rudolph would have suited him perfectly then." She nudged her friend softly. So clearly Alby had been thinking about reindeer too. "So aside from being tired you're doing good though, yes?" Just checking. Although he definitely LOOKED good.
Albert nodded, smiling a little at the shock that Nora seemed to be experiencing, because it was nothing compared to the shock of the birth in his bathroom. Yikes.

"It's an interesting one, to say the least." He was never going to have a Christmas lie in now, ever. "But yeah, Reuben starts the same so that's... How we came up with it," he admitted lamely as she nudged him.

"Yeah, everything's good. Saff's sister just left Hogwarts, so she's been such a good help with him. She's great with kids. And... Well, he likes his mum more than he likes me." And honestly? Albert didn't blame him.

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