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In less than a SECOND - okay, it was longer than that, but it was still VERY QUICK - Scarlett had pulled Tamlin through the kitchen and out the back door. Good thing it wasn't such a wet day that day, which meant no puddles. Though puddles would've been FUN, but then mum would've FREAKED if they tried to go outside because they had guests over. They all had to be clean when guests came. Well, when guests ARRIVED.

Scarlett wasn't taking care to keep her clothes clean now that they were all there and now the both of them were OUTSIDE. You ALWAYS got dirty when you were OUTSIDE! "Look!" She said, using her free hand to point towards a specific area of the gardens, making sure to keep gripping holding the boy's hand tightly so he wouldn't run away. Could he SEE the alpACAS YET? She PULLED Tamlin along, getting closer and closer to the animals. "BO!! SKIPPY!! HEEEREEEE!!" The little girl YELLED to call some of her the alpacas, waving her free hand in the air as if holding food. "They come if they think we'll give them food." She told her NEW FRIEND.

In the living room, Sophie was smiling from ear to ear. "Oh, not at all, I couldn't wait to have you over!" She happily said, laughing when Beezus told her where Tamlin probably was. "We do, yeah! We can go have a look at them later if you want." She told her friend, as not everyone often had the opportunity to... well, see alpacas at someone's home.

The mum-of-four guided her guest to the kitchen, where Calen was cleaning up. "It's all done now, Calen, thank you. You can go rest now." Sophie told the elf, giving him a loongggg look and wishing she wouldn't have to order him to go rest. It had been over a decade, but she would n e v e r
get used to the idea of having a house elf. Whenever she thought about it for too long, she would get chills down her spine.

Anyway. "Take a seat!" She told Beezus, gesturing to a chair before almost racing Calen to the counter. "Calen, go rest." Mrs Mordaunt told the elf in a hushed, emphatic tone. "Please!" URGH, the ELF!!!!! She did NOT HAVE A SLAVE!!!!!! HE SHOULD GO REST!! NOW!!!!

The woman turned to her friend, her bright smile back on her face. "Would you like something to drink? Tea, coffee, juice, water?" She asked as she casually tried to push Calen away with her hip.

Catherine followed the adults into the kitchen and went straight to take her seat. She watched the guest as mum spoke to Calen and offered drinks. The eight year-old waited until the guest said what she would like before speaking. "May I have orange juice, please?" She asked quietly, only briefly gazing at her mother before darting her eyes back to... Beezus. She still thought that was a very strange name, just like her son's. Why did they have strange names, she wondered.

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