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Yeah, they were going in but Tamlin was still looking up at his moms who looked so smiley (he had the prettiest moms in all the whole wide dragon world, did he not?) that he barely noticed the other girl, the louder one, tug on his hand until the bones there felt like they were going to break over her grip, his brown eyes widening. Tamlin grunted, or as much as a six year old boy was capable of, and tried to detach his hand from this little monster girl's grasp. AAAHHHH. Why was she so strong? "Wait--" He pleaded requested, trying at least not trip on his own two feet as he was being lugged along like a sack of Bertie Bott's unwillingly. Moms! Moms! Help! Where was this monster girl taking him?

...Daddy? What's a daddy?

It wasn't that Beezus Beatrice didn't notice her own son being taken against his will. It was more that she didn't mind much because they were now inside her friends' house so it was relatively safe and merlin knows Tamlin could use some more friends. Besides, what could go wrong with adorable little Scarlett dragging him along?

So she just followed Catherine (not much of a talker, was she? that was SUCH a Mordred trait) to the kitchen - actually they didn't even get that far before the girl's mother was out and about. "Hi, Soph! Thanks again for the invitation!" Beezus greeted her friend jovially, returning the hug. As for her son, "Oh, I think he and Scarlett are already out to see the alpacas? You guys have alpacas?" You know what, she wasn't even surprised. Sophie did mention about them having A LOT of animals.

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