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Airey had been increasingly unsettled since the events in the Thought Chamber had transpired. Namely in that several of the Encephalons, six to be precise, were beyond docile. They were practically lifeless and he was not sure entirely who to call to consult on the subject. Ministry and Mungo's healers? Someone from Creatures?

Mulling things over in his head, the astronomer returned to his office with every intent of blowing off a bit of steam by playing Captain of the USS Enterprise for a bit...when he saw that his door was already ajar.

Um....pardon? But he had most certainly NOT left things like that.

Quickening his pace, Airey LEAPED into the doorway of his office with his wand drawn and ready. Only instead of some impostor...there was Adam of all people.

"Adam, you know you are not authorized to enter my office without my consent...but since you're here...what brings you b---" the department head greeted as he began to pocket his wand, only to see that the Unspeakable was touching, fondling, his TIES. Ties that were pressed and in a very VERY distinct order and NOT TO BE TOUCHED. "Gerulf. Stop what you are doing at once!" he barked, his tone and demeanor changing in an instant.

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