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Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
A reason not to go in? As it so happened, the man was FULL of those.

What luck!

What awe!

What coincidence!

Malachi walked along the edge of the forest and it only partly had to do with not actually trusting the kiddos based on what he'd heard and seen. Largely, he was just on a walk. Nostalgia guided his feet and took him across the grounds to all his favourite haunts from his days here as a student. The man had already been down by the lake. He walked along the pathways and now he was here.

Apparently, so was Kowalski.

Without much of any warning, the man walked up behind him, not making a single noise until he was just a few steps away. He leaned forward casually, his head now at a level with the boy's. "What'cha lookin' at?" The forest, obviously, but what about it was tempting the boy to get eaten or wish he was eaten?
A whole year of AVOIDING temptation was something Józef was proud of. Of course, a lot of that had been due to the fact that he'd experienced a LOT of detentions and they'd all been awful and, you know, his parents would not have been happy if he'd been expelled.

But it was getting so difficult and he was definitely right about to take a step forward. If he got caught, then maybe he could just say that his cat ran in there? And he needed to rescue her?

Would they check that he'd brought a cat?

Taking a moment to check that no one was looking was almost the best idea ever, because someone had silently crept up on him, and that someone happened to be the Headmaster. Józef practically tripped over his own feet when the man spoke, so surprised was the second year to see him there.

"UM," he stammered, trying to regain his composure. "UH. I thought I saw a.... a..... A centaur!"

Yeah! They had them in the forest, right? And he'd TOTALLY seen one, and that's why he was stood staring into the trees.

Not debating going in! No way!
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