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Originally Posted by Shanners View Post
Theophilus was HUNGRAY. (As always)

His stomach had been rumbling at his desk when he was signing off on some paperwork and all he had been able to think of was a good old perfect pastry. Of the Danish variety and boy did he know the BEST place.

And he didn't even need to leave the building!!

So here was was, stocking the basket he had brought with him from his desk with TWELVE pastries to get him through the next few hours of hard slogging work before he hit the town for dinner with some friends. "Gotta get the good ones. Gotta get the beauuutiful ones. The yummy ones. The SCRUMMY ones. The yum yum scrum diddly UMMMtious ones." Yes... he was singing to food.

This was normal.
Oh.... no. No no no.

Wasn't there a health awareness program at the ministry? This is was appalling. Of course, everyone could choose what the wanted to eat and rightly so, because free will and all that, but Bambi Acklery was QUITE displeased at this blatant unhealthy marketing and people... singing to their lipid intake.

Ariadne would never grow up eating this way. She would not allow it.

She did not want to bother the man, but she was also very curious about his life choices, so Bambi took steps forward towards the smell of buttery baked goods and friend things and...... she'll admit, it did smell very nice. Even if it gave her a headache just thinking about all those calories. Unhealthiness! ... Old habits.

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