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TRANSPONSTER! slyther'd into my ❤ dreaming swimming pools dazed gryffinpuff

No need to say that Sophie spent the entire day making sure their zoo house was clean and the food was cooking and the toys were all put away and there was no animals apart from the fish and Xchylar inside the house and making sure Calen wasn't overworking and and and!

Busy, she was. VERY busy. Thank Merlin for magic, otherwise Sophie would've been exhausted before their guests even turned up. BUT she wasn't, because not only was she used to chasing after crazy kids pretty much all day long, her genes helped with the energy levels, too. That good Macmillan enthusiasm was overflowing from her that day and she couldn't WAIT until her friend arrived!!

Were they there yet!?!?!?? skdfnksnfdksnjkfs This was going to be SO EXCITING!!!

Catherine had been told along with her siblings to collect her belongings from the living room and other common areas of the house, but she didn't have anything to collect. All of her things were already neatly stored away on her side of the bedroom and this time she had made sure to double check if she had closed the door. Last time her sister was apparently tempted to break into their bedroom simply because she saw the door ajar. Ugh. Noah had better keep that door shut!

The eight-year-old was now feeding her fish, because she knew that as soon as their guests arrived, there would be no time to care for them. She had been taught guests were a priority, so she had to make sure her fish weren't dead right now. They weren't. Good. Scarlett had been good at keeping her hands from them lately.

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