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Originally Posted by Holmesian Feline View Post

They were starting out together on Level One, perhaps splitting up further on as they whittled through the various ministry departments coming down level by level. Simon wouldn’t admit though that he favored this plan so that he could get a better feel for the new department head in the process. So, he exited the lift into the reception area shortly after Ryder, already working his spells to check on the situation albeit with wand held a bit more discreetly than the other man. Given the reaction of the receptionist to Ryder’s raised wand it was probably a good thing.

“So far so good…” Simon responded to his boss’ question, leaving the one addressed to Ryder to the older man in question to answer.
Originally Posted by Nymphadoraliz View Post
A twitch of his lip indicated amusement at the man's response "Just doing a sweep. Please do not send word on ahead. I would like to take anyone by surprise." More fun that way right? Heh, nah it was good to see how the ministry employees regarded sweeps and how they handled them as they went through.

Nodding as he addressed Bennett once again he moved towards their next location.
Ah, they were doing a sweep? Royland...didn't really know what that was. It also didn't answer his most pressing question - was he in danger or not? He wasn't supposed to alert anyone? So...ok. He was just gonna...sit here and mind his own business and keep doing his work, he supposed.

Law Enforcement folks really were as dramatic as everyone said they were.

Originally Posted by Birchwoodmom View Post
West exhaled and walked forward as Jacob stepped off the lift. He new his division mate would arrive, as scheduled. It was one of the things he liked most about working with such a great team, he could always rely on them do their jobs and have one another backs. "No worries at all, I was a bit early in my arrival. I hope you got it all worked out."

His eyes followed Jacob's gesture and he shook his head. "No, I stepped off the lift only moments before your arrival. I haven't had a chance to do much of anything. Plus, I didn't want to risk a run in with the new minster before you got here." He chuckled a deep, quiet, chuckle and started towards the desk. "I guess now is as good of time as any, I guess our first stop should be Ms. Bones."

West approached the reception desk and flashed his bright, charming smile. "West Riedel and Jacob Radford here to see Ms. Bones and the Minister. I believe they are expecting us." If the pair didn't know, then Jacob and West would be a lovely surprise.
Looking up as he finished watching the Law Enforcement people, he spotted the arrival of two new workers. He grinned and nodded at them. "Yes, I have you here on the schedule. I'll let them know you're here!" he informed them.

Waving his wand, a tiny piece of parchment scribbled a message stating their arrival, and then folded off into the shape of an owl. He waved his wand again and the memo was off into the Minister's office.
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