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Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
Albert wasn't usually right about much, so of course he grinned. It was a funny thought, really - what could have been. But no, as weird as being a dad was, if it meant he was with Saffron, he'd have a million kids.

Or something. Maybe, like, two? But definitely not a million.

"He was born on Christmas day," Albert clarified, grin becoming goofy at the thought of actually calling his kid Rudolph. Which he definitely did in secret.
"...he was?!"

Wow, that was a really special birthday, wasn't it? "That's a nice birthday." Nora leaned towards the pram a little when she said that, smiling at Reuben. "I think Rudolph would have suited him perfectly then." She nudged her friend softly. So clearly Alby had been thinking about reindeer too. "So aside from being tired you're doing good though, yes?" Just checking. Although he definitely LOOKED good.
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