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Originally Posted by Lislchen View Post
Nora liked seeing Alby laugh and it made her realize just how much she'd missed him over the past couple of months. It was unfortunate that they hadn't met up more often after he'd graduated or at least after SHE had graduated. "You're probably right." She agreed, an amused grin playing around her lips.

A lot had changed since their respective graduations though.


Tired was hardly a surprising answer, making Nora smile a little. Most parents were tired, right? Especially new parents. "Why Rudolph?" It made her think of reindeer. "Reuben isn't too far from Rudolph, though, is it?" It had the same first syllable after all. Although it made her wonder how Alby had been overruled on what to name the baby boy.
Albert wasn't usually right about much, so of course he grinned. It was a funny thought, really - what could have been. But no, as weird as being a dad was, if it meant he was with Saffron, he'd have a million kids.

Or something. Maybe, like, two? But definitely not a million.

"He was born on Christmas day," Albert clarified, grin becoming goofy at the thought of actually calling his kid Rudolph. Which he definitely did in secret.

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