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The tail continued to wag and thumb with each pet. Benji was in crup heaven on earth. The only thing that would have made it better was if the humans had treats to give. But he would take the petting for now, for he wasn't a greedy dog at all. He just loved people and smells and being loved.

And then the petting stopped. Aww. The crup's head tilted to the side, watching the girl pull little crup hair from her clothes. She was going to go back to petting him when she was done right? Even the boy got a look. Would he pet him too? The girl had done all the petting these past few minutes.

Sadly the petting didn't continue. The dog watched as the girl tugged the boy and went on their merry way. Benji let out a sigh, but then, smelling new smells that hadn't registered in his mind until then, wandered into the shop and let out a playful bark. HELLO, HUMANS! PETS?

Though there were a few customers present, Ryan was seriously considering taking a nap. All they were doing was rummaging, and the kids that were in there looked trustworthy. Well, as about as trustworthy as kids could be. But this was Cranville Quincey's. He didn't expect anyone to steal from a junk shop of all places. That would be a whole new level of low.

He was about to close his eyes for a moment when one of the kids started yelling. For Merlin's sake. Didn't this kid's mother teach him some manners?

Ryan was going to shoot the kid a look, but then Benji trotted on in and started barking. "Shush, boy," he said to the needy creature that he had taken in. There were customers in the building, and he didn't want them running off empty-handed. Being an adult wasn't all it was cracked up to be. He had bills to pay, you know.

Carry on with your browsing, gents. The shopkeeper was staying put at the counter, only occasionally glancing over to see what they were up to.

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