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Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
Tori was walking around the shop when she spotted two girls walk in and wondered if they would need any help. She circled around the shop and came back round again. She figured there was no harm in just telling them that if they needed anything... but she watched them for a second longer. "You girls let me know if you need any help." she smiled brighter at them before rounding back to the counter waiting for any one needing help.
Rylee paused in her browsing when she heard an older women speaking to them. With a warm smile on her face she turned her blue-gray eyes onto the shopkeeper. "Actually I could use a little bit of help, please. I have several weddings to go to next year and I don't really want to wear the same dress robes to them all. Might you be able to help me get an idea of what I like to make it easier to decide when the time gets closer to purchase them?" No sense in waiting to the very last moment when the shopkeeper was offering her help!

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