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Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
"If you were one, I'd make an exception." Was the closest he'd come to agreeing with that statement. It wasn't what Tally looked like that made her his wife. It was a lot deeper than that and good thing too. Pretty women were delightful in their own right but then what?

Malachi kept staring at the back of his head through the mirror, his view slightly skewed now that her hand was there but he could SWEAR he'd seen a developing bald spot. After a moment, he nodded at her suggestion. "Fair. Do I get to stop stressing long before it gets there?" Like say he told a kid not to do something and the kid....did and suddenly the entire wizarding world was under threat, was he allowed to turn his stressers off and just zen his way through?

He was a responsible man, but he didn't like to be responsible for easily avoided things.

"The school, the students and the professors there have been a mess there from what I've heard. Just be prepared to take me wig shopping and love me anyway."
"Mm... lucky me." Talia said, not having had expected otherwise but still finding herself amused by the conversation. She caressed his hair a little more then traced her hand down his back and gave his behind a little pat too. A good husband, he was. Her favourite one, even.

"Just in case I'll be sure to pack you some scented candles, The Little Book of Calm, colouring books, meditation music, Tibetan singing bowls," Like the ones her mother had given them a few anniversaries ago, "a miniature zen garden, incense, a yoga mat... what else?" Yes, what other ridiculous stress-relieving things could she put in a care package for him? She'd do it too, partly for the lulz and partly because she genuinely would rather he roll his eyes at his silly wife and smile about it than actually get stressed, considering how potentially stressful his new job could be.

"I'd love you even if you were as bald as an egg, the kids might be embarrassed to be seen with you if you come home without hair though, my love." She grinned at him and resumed her slow walk around, looking at the mirrors - the back of HER head had been just as it should be, glossy brown hair, no frizz, so she didn't need to linger in front of that one.
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