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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Taking up her silent offer to sit beside her, he eyed the soup bowl in her possession and considered. Though he had not been entirely prepared for her to offer to feed him like that. "Uh...sure..." he nodded, leaning forward cautiously to take that free bite.

"Not bad." It was good...but not the sort of thing he wanted to spend his money on at the moment.

Leans back a little, mostly so he could observe her a bit more clearly. "You're looking well." For the record.
Nettie laughed when he seemed so hesitant to take a bite. ”It’s not the poison chowder, I promise!” she joked with a wink. Or maybe he thought she had cooties. Did boys still think that? She hadn’t heard cooties mentioned since she had been in primary school with muggle kids. But she had also heard boys don’t mature as fast as girls SO. Yeah. Either way, she smiles as he took a bite and nodded at his assessment. Yes, not bad.

She took another bite and then smiled when he said she was looking well. It was hard NOT to be in a great mood, considering how excited she was to see the dictator of Hogwarts get kicked to the curb at the end of term. “Thanks!” she said with a hair flip. “As do you. Good summer so far?” She asked.
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