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Originally Posted by Zannash View Post
"Yes," she responded, "not being much of a social person, I'd rather be in a humble house." She pulled out her bag and placed the correct amount on the counter.
Ray took the money and processed it, counting out the money. Precision. He liked that. He added the receipt to the bag and handed it across the counter, handles facing the young lady.

"Well I hope you find the hat placing you into Hufflepuff then," he said with a smile. "Those of the Hufflepuff House were always very kind." Not that those of other houses weren't, of course. Besides, he was sure everyone had heard the common 'I'm sure you'll enjoy whatever house you join,' to those who are set on a house. So, he didn't say it. "Enjoy your first adventure at Hogwarts. Good luck with the sorting."
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