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Originally Posted by Zannash View Post
Mary Muldoon entered Madam Malkins looking for her entire first year uniform. She felt much happier in this shop than she had in the Apothecary.

At first, she found 3 sets of black robes, and picked up a black hat. Working her way through the supply list, she eventually had a pair of dragon-hide gloves, a black cloak with silver fastenings, three white blouses, two gray sweaters, two charmable ties, a winter scarf, two black skirts, and three pairs of black socks.

Arms completely full, she entered a dressing room and tried it all on. Without problem, she went to the register and set it all down on the counter. She couldn't even see the cashier over the clothes and the counter as she pulled out her bag. "Hello, I'd like to purchase this please"
Tori smiled at the girl who looked no older than a first year throwing clothes on the counter. She began counting all of the items to make sure she had everything she needed. She looked at the girl and had everything in piles. She noticed she didn’t get a pair of regular gloves for the winter. “You find everything okay darlin’”

She moved the remainder of the items over noting that she had an extra set of robes, an extra blouse, and scarf. She was beginning to tally the amount onto the notepad beside the bagging area. She glanced back up at the girl, “Did you want to buy a pair of gloves for winter? It’ll make it cheaper to do the lot.” She looked up at the girl because otherwise it would cost her a couple few more galleons and Tori liked to save people money when she could. So, she figured if she offered the girl the opportunity to get a pair of gloves and save money she would.
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