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Originally Posted by Lislchen View Post
In between hanging out at her friends' houses and meeting up with people (and being told that they were LEAVING THE COUNTRY!!!!), Anahera had ended up spending most of her summer in Diagon Alley. There was a lot to do and see after all and she usually encountered people she knew from school. So that was definitely a whole lot more interesting than sitting around by herself at her uncle's place.

Having just bought herself a bubble waffle, she was about to leave for some window shopping over at Madame Malkin's when she spotted someone who looked familiar. It was the Slytherin Prefect! They weren't close but he would do as company for now, so Anahera quickly headed over to him. "Hey." She grinned while putting a piece of strawberry into her mouth with her wooden fork. "Are you getting something to eat?" At this point she'd tried moooooost of the items that were sold around here.

She was basically an expert.
He turned around after deciding on getting a chicken kebab. He was just about to head over to the vendor to pick one up when he heard a hey hollered in his general direction. He turned around quickly to see Anahera. He recognized her from the school, they hadn't hung out much but he had seen her around.

He smiled brightly like he often did to those he knew. It was a habit that he wasn't afraid of anymore. He had gained more confidence as he had grown into his height and his new teenage body. It was weird being almost 15. "Hey. Yeah I'm going to try and get a kebab." he smiled back, trying to see what she had gotten. "What'd you get?"

He peered over into her hands as he kept his hands in his pockets of his jeans arms flexing in the black t-shirt he had on. The most muggle outfit he could have on in Diagon Alley.
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