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Originally Posted by Lislchen View Post
Cameron...had NOT expected that answer at all.

Which was why he was all the more glad to hear it. "Right?" So glad Nat agreed with him about the disadvantages of owning a pet. A pet which shed fur, specifically. He wouldn't mind owning a...turtle or something. Not that he wanted one. But that would definitely be a lot less work. Liam, on the other hand, had looked extremely excited about the idea of getting a dog, however.

So.....they would probably get a dog, then.

"What are your plans for after graduation?" Cam realized he didn't know, nor had he asked before. At least not recently. And plans changed. Quite frequently too sometimes.
Picking another few pieces of crup hair off her shirt, Natalie stepped back, away from the shop and squinted through the sun towards Sugarplum's, which had been their initial destination before they came across this... distraction.

She was glad to hear Cameron agreed with her about crup hair, though, because she was going to live with them after Hogwarts. So, maybe the majority would win and they wouldn't have to deal with crup hair everywhere.

Looping her arm through Cam's, Natalie tugged him towards the sweets shop. "Well, university. Wherever Liam goes. And I'll be living with you two." Assuming the two of them were still a pair, which was a thought she did not voice out loud. Come to think of it, she wasn't sure if Cam had been made aware that Nat had invited herself to live with Liam and Cam. But if he hadn't, he knew now!

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