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Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
The clock was a curious object, and that was even accounting for the fact that most items in this shop could be considered curious. Kaiser still wasn't totally used to magical items, though he supposed that was simply because he had spent so long immersed in the muggle world, exposed to the wizarding side of things at a comparatively late age. But anyway, the point was, he found the clock curious, and for all kinds of reasons. He was just mulling over whom - if anyone - he might include on an enchanted clock of his own if he ever amassed the money to get one, when he heard his name, and the timepiece was driven clear from his mind.

Kaiser recognised the voice before he turned his head to seek out its owner, and was already grinning by the time he spotted her. "Hi Nova," he greeted her in return, sticking his hands into his pockets out of habit as he took a few steps through the shop to help close the distance. "Are you shopping for school things?" Did it matter? Not really; mostly Kaiser was glad to have encountered a friend, which had sort of been the whole point of his trip, after all.
After a few muffled 'excuse me's to other customers, Nova was standing beside Kaiser. She offered a cursory glance at the things he'd been looking at - clocks much like the ones some of her family had - but offered no comment on them, a normal part of her everyday routine. Her face was most likely pointing to 'shopping' right then, which is exactly where she'd told her parents she would be.

Due to her complete honesty, she wasn't sure what the point was. BUT there were more important things to focus on now, like the presence of a friend. Kaiser's grin was a welcome sight. "I just got my uniform," Nova nodded, holding up the Malkin's bag in indication. "Came in here to get some extra stuff." She did almost ask whether he, too, was shopping for school things, but it wasn't exactly a question or answer she was interested in.

"How's your summer been? Done anything exciting?"


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