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SPOILER!!: Ursula! <3
Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post

"Thank you very much. I wanted a tattoo to show that I am a proud Slytherin which was my house when I attended Hogwarts. Oh, are you a fashion designer?"

Ursula grinned mischievously when Annie lightly jabbed her ribs. "Well, it was a lucky guess. As for mixing the potions together, I think it is best to ask an employee."

When she was asked if she wanted to have a drink, Ursula nodded and said, "Of course! I'd love to! I just have to make my purchases."

So, Annie was a Hogwartian. Annie tucked this bit of information in a nook of her brain. All information about this beauty was going to be vital, even though Annie didnt exactly know why. Yes, I am, she said proudly and puffing her chest slightly. I own my own studio. Actually, I co-own it but it was founded by me. Surely this would impress Ursula.

Annie wiggled her brows at the woman. I think I should. I dont want to end up looking horrible because I screwed something up. As for that coffee... the fashion designer grinned though she tried to play it cool. Its a date, was the response, making sure to stress on the last date. The two jars were clutched in her hand and she was now ready to follow Ursula around.
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