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Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
"You could, but then you might decide you like it too much and not change me back, " Tally said with her habitual smile, not at all serious. They walked past a mirror that entirely switched their apparent genders and Tally let Kai's hand go so she could shop with her hands as much as her eyes, fingertips gently tracing the contours of this or that frame.

[b]"Big at your end or at ours? I wonder if they do mismatched sets, "[b] Tally missed out loud. [b]"Something more portable on your end may be easier."[b] But anything that kept the kids from bickering at home was good in her books too. "Did you see they have security mirrors, Kai?" He had wanted peace of mind and all that. Aaaand... now she was distracted by a mirror showing the reflection of the back of her head. Convenient!
He actually laughed at that, taking a moment to imagine her with blonde hair. It wasn't that she wouldn't look good blonde--his wife looked good with EVERYTHING but "You know I've never been into blondes." They were alright, he'd nearly tried one back in the day at Hogwarts and everything. "You could trust me with your hair." Which, on it's own still wasn't true as evidenced by any time he convinced Mavis to let him do her hair or those times Tally was out and he was making efforts BUT no matter what her hair looked like, when he was done, he wouldn't leave it blonde.


"Big at yours, I suppose. I don't want Kale shoving Mavis out of the way because he "can't see"." Like he sometimes did when they watched TV. Not for the life of him could the man understand why with all the comfy chairs they had, both insisted on sitting riiiiiight up close, then complaining when each other got in the way.

By the time his mind registered her words on security mirrors, he'd already lost her to another sort.

"Eye on the prize, Love." Wait was that the back of his head? Was that what it looked like? Without really thinking, he nudged her over by a bit to get a better look. "Does that look like the beginning of a bald spot to you??" He wasn't READY for that--and in all honesty was only seeing things but his mind had already accepted what his eyes told it.
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