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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Joshua was walking along on his own thoughts of juicey cold and delicious icecream not really paying attention to where he was going, when a man nearly ran straight into him, causing him to come to an abrupt stop. Blinking and blinking again he took in the appearance of the other man and the pair of youngsters that zipped by them before Joshua graced the man with a response. ”Yes, they seem smaller or at least shorter by the year but I doubt those kids are Hogwart’s ready just yet. Probably just 9 year olds here with their elder siblings.”

"I didn’t hate this place back in the day per say just the clothes shopping. That was always horrible. I wanted to wear my own clothes, not be stuck in a synthetic uniform like everyone else. I drove my mother mad every year when we had to get new clothes for school." Ugh, he still had scars from that time. Now though Joshua was adult enough to understand the usefulness of uniforms unlike the kid in him had.
Malachi watched the students scampering off, not at all believing they were nine. His own son was close to nine, those students, while some definitely on the short side, didn't look nine at all. Not to mention the glance he'd caught at the text one of them clutched under arm but this was hardly the conversation Malachi would spend a day debating. It didn't hold that much interest to him.

"I don't reckon I hated Diagon Alley either. Could spend days over at Weasley's --Sugarplums too, Merlin, getting lost in there was a dream." Just the thought sent a wave of nostalgia coursing through the man.

"The uniforms on the other hand, my mother had a rotten time with those. It got worse after the growth spurt." The line of thought got him thinking. He gave the man a once over. "Were you a tall bloke growing up? Sprung up like a weed and always growing up of the uniforms?" He wasn't until he suddenly was. It had been an odd experience.
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