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Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
It was an important bit of business to get new two-way mirrors to use while Kai was at Hogwarts - the old set they had weren't at all reliable anymore and Tally felt something more portable would be better, so she had donated the old ones (ignoring the mirrors' protesting) and tacked mirror shopping on to their to do list for the day. The kids were with their grandparents and she had her husband to herself. After shopping: lunch, and then? Well, whatever they felt like for a kid-free afternoon and evening.

As a muggleborn, Talia found this store to be equal parts fascinating and creepy - some of the mirrors here were entirely too weird or obscure in purpose for her tastes, but it was the best place to get what they needed. Something reliable. Kai had mentioned security mirrors too so he could look at those while they were here.

The door jingled as they stepped through, Talia leading the way and casually tugging Malachi Trent in behind her.

"I wonder if any of these mirrors would show me how I'd look as a blonde," she said to him, a twinkle in her eye. Hardly serious, but still, maybe they would find more of interest than expected in here.
While it may have been too drastic to consider quitting his new job before he began just to avoid all this shopping it necessitated, it was still the thought at the forefront of the man's mind. It left him praying his own children stayed small forever; at some point he would need to take them school shopping and while it was years away, this trip to the glass shop had him dreading it very much.

"We could go home and I could show you what you look like as a blonde there." He suggested, allowing himself to be tugged along. There were certainly charms that could get it done.

The mirrors didn't bother him. They didn't hold much intrigue for him either but he could concede that this was an important trip--one he wished Tally had taken while he stayed him and watched the house. You...just never knew....what crazy people existed outside the home. He was offering to be a knight in shining armour but noooOOOoOOOo shopping was apparently more important than securing their home.

"Let's get one big enough so the kids don't fight to get a good view."
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