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Originally Posted by LilFox06 View Post
Valencia accepted the flowers and happily admired them. Magic was amazing. She rubbed the petals between her fingers wondering how long it would take until she was able to conjure flowers like this.

She was so deep in thought that she didn't notice when the wand man came back.

"Hm?" She blinked several times before remembering what happened. Right. Wand testing. She carefully took hold of the wand presented to her. She licked her lips and tightened her grip before giving it a firm swish and flick. She slowly exhaled a breath before grinning. She whispered, in awe, "It's like... a rush, isn't it?"
Florian frowned, underwhelmed by her response to the wand. Perhaps the child was a bit in her own mind, but still... There would be some type of outward showing. "It can feel like a rush, but I think we can do better. Let me get another option for you."

He had collected a few possibilities, so if not this one, another of those. Just as before, there was a long pause in which he reconsidered each box. Hm... "Alright, let me take that one from you and you give this one a shot. Trust me.. if it's the right wand for you, you'll know." It wasn't something he could decide. It truly depended all on her.

Originally Posted by Sangeetha View Post

Kaira grinned quite excitedly and nervously as she was handed her very first wand. The shopkeeper was very cheerful and that helped calm her nerves. 'Thank you,' she said,as she took the wand from him gingerly and held it firmly in her right hand.

Here goes nothing, she thought as she swished and flicked her wand.
And there was magic!

Beautiful fireworks erupted from her wand. She stared at them with great joy and abundant surprise 'Wow,' she mouthed.
Now that was more like it! He applauded loudly, excited for her to have been paired so quickly. It wasn't everyday a young witch held her first wand. Producing magic, however small, for the first time could be life-altering.

"Great job!" He took quick stock of the materials used and beamed, ultimately pleased that his intuition had led him in the right direction. "That wand... is ten and two-third's of an inch in length, crafted in sturdy Acacia; a reasonably rare wand wood." It wasn't among his favorites, considering how difficult the wood could be to work with, but it was a powerhouse material. "These types of wands are highly intuitive, meaning it will be sensitive to the nuances of your magic. Or if you have an interest in the more complex aspects of magic, this will be the perfect companion for you.

....and it goes without saying that you'll have marked success in creating spells of your own one day if you work really hard at it. The Unicorn hair that's encased in this wand suggests a knack with healing magic, charms and Transfiguation spells." Transfiguration wasn't a difficult branch of magic for him personally, but he knew many full grown adults that struggle with it. So it seemed nice to have a bit of extra help in that department.

"Would you like accessories?"

Written: 10 2/3 inch rather sturdy Acacia with Unicorn Hair

Originally Posted by griffin View Post
Cordelia heard the yipping and looked over to see a large dog - no, a wolf. Aww, could she play with it? Did it belong to the man who owned the shop? Cordelia loved dogs. It wasn’t long though until the wolf was replaced by a man. The young girl gasped in amazement at the transformation. Did anyone else see that? The man had just appeared out of nowhere! Cordelia had never seen anything like it. He was the wolf. That was soooo cool!

She was FIRST to get a wand! Cordelia eagerly grinned as she waited for the man to take the wand out of the box and listened impatiently as he explained what to do. How could a wand have a kick to it? There was only one way to find out, and that way was to try the wand for herself. Cordelia took the wand from the man and firmly gripped it in her hand. Confidently, she strongly swished the wand to the right and gave a sharp flick at the end. Golden sparks shot out from the end of the wand. She looked up at the wand man, waiting to see what his reaction would be. “What do you think of this one?”
In Florian's experience, golden sparks were a very good sign! As he had with the child before this one, he began clapping loudly at her success! Not to puff his own chest out or anything, but it did feel pretty great when he could get it right on the first try. It didn't always work out that way, but...

Also... "I believe it's a match, but.. if you don't, then we can try something else." The truth of the matter was that each reaction was different, just as each child was different. The materials of the wand this young lady was holding suggested something more volatile, but her magic could've tempered it. Essentially, wands were conductors.. "...What you're currently holding is eleven inches of supple Juniper. If you'll take a closer look at the wood work, you'll notice faint swirling patterns.. It's attractive, but also... It smells wonderful. Sweet and crisp." The polish he'd used didn't alter the scent too much, in fact. What else... Honestly, the information was plentiful. "There are books that clearly state these types of wands are difficult to steal, as they always find their way back to their original owners. Which is a relief, yeah?" Were younger people in the habit of stealing wands from other children? Florian had no clue.. "You'll find success with flying carrying this wand. As well as Apparation, when the time comes."

"Paired with the Phoenix feather core, you'll have a powerful tool at your disposal. Specifically in learning defense against dark magic." It was a great wand, and she'd do great things with it, he was assured.

Whew, information overload! "So, what are you thinking?"

Written: 11 inch supple Juniper with Phoenix Feather

Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Any other happenings that were going around Ollivanders were lost on Noah, his faded blue eyes instead remained fixated on the tape as it went about his business and he found himself almost wanting to apologize to it for not having much to measure. He was scrawny and lacked in height, measuring up to very little overall.

Offering a simple, but polite, shake of the head at the offer of flowers - he wasn't sure where to put them if he did take any nor did he entirely understand what taking flowers had to do with receiving a wand. If any wand selected him at all, that is.

Which explained the very real reluctance that had seized his fragile frame as he looked at the wand the man was offering. There was something to say about the foreign comfort the wandmaker's chipper persona. An enthusiasm that reminded him very much of his papa in a way. Swallowing somewhat thickly, the red head reached for the wand with trembling slender, and rather bony, fingers and just baaaaaaarely brushed his fingers over the wood as though he expected it to shock him. It was only because nothing happened that he allowed his fingers to coil around it....and then held it out in front of him.

A firm swish. Right.

His grip was firm, knuckles even white from it, but his swish left much to be desired. In fact, it read much more like a gentle tap of the air.

And then, his worst nightmare.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

No sparks. No humble explosions. No tingling in his fingers. Nothing.

.............the wand had rejected him.
As a wandmaker, Florian prided himself on a certain amount of intuition, meaning he'd known from the jump that something was off. He could've been misreading the signs, but if his gut was to be believed, this small boy was blaming himself. It wasn't a failure on his part, but one on Florian's.

Alright, new strategy.

"You know what, would you like to come take a look with me?" Perhaps he could help... It wasn't just about pairing children with wands here. No, the wandmaker wanted everyone who passed through Ollivanders to feel pride in themselves... Getting a first wand was an important rite of passage. It marked the beginning of new adventures. He very much felt a responsibility for all these children.

Originally Posted by StarFire View Post
Walking into the store she looked around, taking in the rows and rows of boxes, mouth opening slightly as she took it in. You couldn't deny that it was impressive, although a little scary.

With butterflies in her stomach, she walked over to the area where the measuring tape was waiting and held out her dominant arm, thinking that would be the only measurement it needed. It wasn't, but it was genuinely fun watching it zoom around, so she couldn't help but smile. When the measuring tape finally stilled, she moved along, trying to hide her slight nervousness.
Some time after lunch, Florian had gotten caught up with putting spare wands away. For the most part, he was having reasonable success, but there were a few that presented a problem. Tricky, tricky. As an aside, he really needed to consider hiring some help. He was looking at getting married soon. An assistant would really take some of the pressure off.


This seemed to be a day dedicated to young witches, as yet another small girl got herself measured. She seemed remarkably calm in the face of the magical tape, so as a reward, the wandmaker busied himself collecting a few tulips in different shades of blue and purple. Once she made her way to the counter, he held them out for her to take. Always with a smile in place. "Hello, there! These are for you." After handing them over, he plucked the bit of parchment from the air and considered the numbers printed there. Ah, he had some ideas!

After he'd left to retrieve one of the options, he made his return, handing the wand off for her to try. "A swish and flick, if you please."

Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post
Skeet was practically SPRINTING ON HIS WAY to Ollivander's the moment his mum and dad brought him and stinky Sawyer to Diagon Alley. And of COURSE, he outran his stinky older brother in an unannounced race for the wandshop because he was the better Sayse son. There was no other explanation for that, obviously.

Pushing the door open, Skeet wasted no time as he directly charged for the wand fitting area and he was very much trying hard—to no avail, by the way—not to bounce on the balls of his feet as the magical measuring tape fluttered around and around him, taking note of the eleven year old's height, arm length, and even the circumference of his HEAD. He would normally make a judgey face towards that... but eh, this was hIS WAND. HE WAS GETTING HIS WAND.

"I'm ready for it! Bring it on!" He said loudly once the tape was done doing its thing.
Again, happy child equaled happy wandmaker! And a rare boy in this sea of ladies today.. Florian laughed outright at the excitement emitting from him, and felt himself get a morale boost from it. Days in the shop could be long and tedious, so it really depended on the children and parents to keep spirits high. Again, he needed to get someone in there to keep him company.

No flowers were put together for the young ser, but that didn't stop them from being offered. "Welcome to Ollivanders! Please help yourself to flowers. Take as many as you'd like... Gift them to your parents." Namely his mother, but men could enjoy them, too. So, no judgment there. As he spoke, he was already pulling his measurements closer, taking a quick gander at the numbers. Right, right. This was another that would pair with a rare wood. It was a day for his rarities.

Hm. He disappeared into the stacks without another word, his mind keeping a running list of options and throwaways as he passed each shelf. Hmmm. Maybe this one? Florian snagged the box from up high and toted it back towards the front counter.

"Now, I must warn you! It won't take much for this wand, so just a point should be enough." Meaning it had some power and needed to be handled with care. Please, and thank you.

Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post

"WOOOOWW!" Curtis yelled aloud.

Now Curtis wasn't scared at the big wolf appearing in, since his Papa always took care of magical creatures he got to see plenty. Oh, it wasn't the Wandmaker's pet. It was the Wandmaker himself!

Wow. His family didn't mention that people could change from animals. The special sparkle in his eyes may have shined at bit at the thought. But now it was his turn to get his wand. Curtis nodded enthusiastically, "Does it hurt changing like that?" He managed to ask before he went off to get a wand for him to try out.

Neat. "A simple point, okay!" Hmm, now what could Curtis do? Well, just a point? So no need to think much. Taking the wand he felt a nice warmth automatically. It was comfy, so he smiled.. before aiming randomly at the wall and pointing with a sharp jab. He felt even more warmth, this had to be the one! And then....


Curtis felt himself shoot back onto the floor. Wow! He was not kidding about the kick. He was surprised before he started laughing as he bounced right back up. "Wow! That was cool!" Maybe not the mark if there was one he left on the wall he aimed. But it did respond to him nonetheless.
.............. Well, Florian had warned him. But also, it wasn't everyday he paired an Elder wand. He sorted three every five years. So, those statistics alone made him wary of potential in-store mishaps. He'd been prepared to step in if need be, but his worries were for naught. That was a relief.

"Congratulations! You have been paired with an Elder wand." JAZZHANDS! No, really... it was one of the most rare woods legally available for purchase. And it went without saying that it was equally as powerful, as it was difficult to obtain. "Not to be confused with the Elder wand from the history books. That wand allegedly contained the hair of Death. Capital 'D'." Allegedly, because history could be a touch flowery at times. "... but when you strip the core away, what you're left with is a wood that is deceptively adaptable. It will depend heavily on your own temperament, of course, but you won't find a better companion for defensive magic and healing spells..." But it could also go in the opposite direction with dark magic and curses. Florian chose to leave that part out of his spiel.

"A Dragon heartstring, taken from a Swedish short-snout, is encased within. Dragons are protective creatures and as fierce as they are loyal. Your defensive magic will get a noticeable boost, as well as any spells that are fire-based." The wandmaker paused, for several moments before speaking again. "It's a great responsibility to have a wand of this nature. And shouldn't be taken lightly." Bless this child's parents.

"You'll need accessories, sooo what shall it be?"

Written: 10 1/2 inch spinnable Elder with Dragon Heartstring [Swedish Short-Snout]

Originally Posted by Zannash View Post
She tried to smile back, but found herself feeling creepy in her smile, so instead she just said a meak, "Thanks."

Mary delicately grabbed hold of the wand. She, with some hesitation, flicked it quickly, but lightly. At first, nothing happened, then some purple sparks exploded from the end with a whistling and cracking sound.
Ahh.... the good ol' delayed response. For a moment there, Florian thought he'd be searching again, but some children had magic that was so subtle it took a moment to kick in. Every child was different, after all.

"Wonderful job!" Some encourage never went amiss. Especially with children so young. "That wand is made from light Hazel, ten an two-thirds of an itch. On the marker, it's one of the more loyal wand woods, not at all made for one who leans towards negative thoughts and emotions. I must warn you.... it tends to absorb negative energy and expel it in random, unpredictable ways. Namely if a stranger tried to use it, that the wand wasn't familiar with." See, very loyal. "It would have dire consequences for that person." The wandmaker tapped his chin thoughtfully, trying to recover more miscellaneous information from the well that was his mind. Oh! "...Something quite neat, you'll have silvery, tear-shaped emissions when passing over hidden water sources. So... logically, you'll have a good wand for braving the outdoors. For camping, and the like." Not everyone was skilled at Aquamenti, so that was useful.

"Combined with the Unicorn hair core, you'll have an effective tool for creature and plant magic." Mhm. Quite a wonderful wand to have at one's disposal.

"Can I grab a jar of wand polish for you or a holder?"

Written: 10 2/3 inch light Hazel with Unicorn Hair

Originally Posted by Jean Granger View Post
She did well! Woohoo!

"Thanks!" Jade chirped as she took a few pretty daisies. She loved flowers, but was definitely not the best at taking care of them. Hopefully these ones would not die too quickly... or get eaten by her cat. She wondered if they were going to learn how to take care of daisies in Herbology. That was one of the many many classes she was looking forward to taking.

Before she knew it, the wandmaker was back and handing her a wand. It was... for lack of a better word, beautiful. Would this wand choose her? The eleven-year-old admired it for a moment, then, her heart racing, took it with her free hand. Instantly, she felt a pleasant warmth spread from her fingertips. With a grin on her face, she raised the wand over her head and gave it a wave. Golden sparks were emitted from the end of the wand. This was awesome!

"I LOVE IT." Jade told the man. What did he think, hmm?
Awww! He adored that she loved her new wand. As she should! It was quite a good one, made specifically for someone inherently good and selfless.

At least, that's what the Rowan wood dictated from history. It was hard to know the future unless you were a Seer, so he supposed anything was possible. He hoped for good things in this young lady's future, however. "Wonderful! Golden sparks are definitely a good sign, so good job!" Now for the spiel about this wand in particular. Hmmmm. "You're holding ten and a half inches of Rowan wood, a wood that has significant power where magical shields and wards are concerned." So... this young girl would be quite successful in a duelling arena, if she so chose to follow that path. He remembered his duelling days. Fun times!... What else...? "Something special about this wood... You'll have power in warding off spells that affect the mind, which is super helpful considering that's most charms." He grinned at her, amused at her happiness. Good for her.

"The Fwooper feather within will cause some issues in casting Quietus, a charm to muffle sounds, but... otherwise, it's a wonderful all-purpose wand to have in one's possession."

"Can I get you accessories?"

Written: 10 1/2 inch spinnable Rowan with Fwooper Feather
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