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Originally Posted by Govoni View Post
Well, Florian could tell that he was in the presence of quite a determined young lady. Call it that special intuition he'd mentioned before. As he waited patiently for her turn at the measuring tape to finish, he mindlessly wiped at his counters. He took his shop's tidiness very seriously! He didn't have to wait long, of course. It seemed like mere moments before he was ushering her closer.

"You did well! You may treat yourself to a few flowers, if you wish." The wandmaker had gotten better about pushing his flowers off on people. It hadn't occurred to him that not everyone would appreciate them properly, so now... he had to gauge the situation more closely. So that his customers never felt uncomfortable. With a wave of the small bit of parchment, he grinned. "I have a few ideas in mind for your wand. Hold tight." With that he was off and searching out Rowan wands. This child definitely fell into that category. There was an aura.. Rowan wands were very special.

Hmmmm. Yes, yes. "Okay.. give this a wave. See what you make of it."
She did well! Woohoo!

"Thanks!" Jade chirped as she took a few pretty daisies. She loved flowers, but was definitely not the best at taking care of them. Hopefully these ones would not die too quickly... or get eaten by her cat. She wondered if they were going to learn how to take care of daisies in Herbology. That was one of the many many classes she was looking forward to taking.

Before she knew it, the wandmaker was back and handing her a wand. It was... for lack of a better word, beautiful. Would this wand choose her? The eleven-year-old admired it for a moment, then, her heart racing, took it with her free hand. Instantly, she felt a pleasant warmth spread from her fingertips. With a grin on her face, she raised the wand over her head and gave it a wave. Golden sparks were emitted from the end of the wand. This was awesome!

"I LOVE IT." Jade told the man. What did he think, hmm?
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