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Originally Posted by Govoni View Post
Florian had worked tirelessly in his small wandshop for hours prior to its grand reopening for summer vacation. Due to his efforts, fresh flowers were now beautifully presented on gleaming, polished surfaces, and the displays held a special glow as he'd taken care to clean every shown item. There was a noticeable, pleasant floral scent permeating the space and once he'd finished properly brewing coffee and tea for his soon-to-be patrons, the wandmaker had shifted.

It was easier to nap in his animagus form (a large white wolf)... Less chance of wrinkling his clothing. And he rested easily on the soft rug between his armchairs, not-so-secretly ready to dazzle the first few children with real magic.

As it was, the doors were already unlocked and opened, ready for the first excited child to enter.

Happy kid equaled happy wandmaker. Yes, indeed! As with all those that had come before him, Florian pulled the parchment from its hovering position. For analysis, and such. After a cursory glance, he gathered this wand might be a bit special. One of the more rare woods he carried at this shop.

"Welcome to Ollivanders, young man. Excited?" ... Florian collected a few sprigs of lavender for him, before handing them over. "Those are for you...and I'm going to head back." ...He had a wand in mind that might work, but was cautious due to the materials that were used in it. Actually, it was one of the first he'd ever personally made after coming to work for Ira Banner. So, it took little time to go right to it.

Hm! "Alright, now a disclaimer, this wand has a bit of a kick. So... a simple point should do it." Or, actually, simply grasping it should be all they need to see, but each child was different. "Go on, then!"

"WOOOOWW!" Curtis yelled aloud.

Now Curtis wasn't scared at the big wolf appearing in, since his Papa always took care of magical creatures he got to see plenty. Oh, it wasn't the Wandmaker's pet. It was the Wandmaker himself!

Wow. His family didn't mention that people could change from animals. The special sparkle in his eyes may have shined at bit at the thought. But now it was his turn to get his wand. Curtis nodded enthusiastically, "Does it hurt changing like that?" He managed to ask before he went off to get a wand for him to try out.

Neat. "A simple point, okay!" Hmm, now what could Curtis do? Well, just a point? So no need to think much. Taking the wand he felt a nice warmth automatically. It was comfy, so he smiled.. before aiming randomly at the wall and pointing with a sharp jab. He felt even more warmth, this had to be the one! And then....


Curtis felt himself shoot back onto the floor. Wow! He was not kidding about the kick. He was surprised before he started laughing as he bounced right back up. "Wow! That was cool!" Maybe not the mark if there was one he left on the wall he aimed. But it did respond to him nonetheless.
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