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Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
Due to the unpredictable and often unfavourable nature of the British weather, even during summer, Nova didn't make many trips to Diagon Alley. As charming as the magical street could be, shopping there when it was raining or windy became a hassle rather than an enjoyable outing, and the Ravenclaw refused to put herself in that position - she liked to take her time, be able to stop and talk to people if she fancied it, and maybe even grab an ice cream.

No, you would never see her rushing to grab the stuff on her list.

Having already bought uniform tailored to the small growth spurt she'd undergone over the last few months, Nova headed into Wiseacres in search of a Revealer and some enchanted candles. It was as she was heading for the till that she spotted the boy, and changed direction without hesitation.

"Kaiser! Hi!" she said with a smile, carefully picking her way towards him.
The clock was a curious object, and that was even accounting for the fact that most items in this shop could be considered curious. Kaiser still wasn't totally used to magical items, though he supposed that was simply because he had spent so long immersed in the muggle world, exposed to the wizarding side of things at a comparatively late age. But anyway, the point was, he found the clock curious, and for all kinds of reasons. He was just mulling over whom - if anyone - he might include on an enchanted clock of his own if he ever amassed the money to get one, when he heard his name, and the timepiece was driven clear from his mind.

Kaiser recognised the voice before he turned his head to seek out its owner, and was already grinning by the time he spotted her. "Hi Nova," he greeted her in return, sticking his hands into his pockets out of habit as he took a few steps through the shop to help close the distance. "Are you shopping for school things?" Did it matter? Not really; mostly Kaiser was glad to have encountered a friend, which had sort of been the whole point of his trip, after all.
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