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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
"Look forward to sharing them with you some day, Sir," he nodded. It felt like the right thing to say... And Zander did actually mean it. Though, hopefully they next time they spoke Zander wouldn't feel as awkward. But perhaps that was wishful thinking.

The blonde laughed at the Minister's next words. His apparent frustration with his daughter's mentality was quite amusing. "Soph too," he smiled. And while Zander wanted kids more than just about anything at the moment, he wasn't angry or upset with Soph about the whole thing. Sure it'd be AMAZING to have children, but if she didn't feel comfortable at the current moment then... he got it y'know? It's not like he'd be the one carrying them around for nine months (he'd offer to do it if he could though).

Zander was mildly absent during the tour of the Minister's family history, but made sure to nod and react at all the appropriate moments. It's not like he hated the whole thing. It was kind of cute, the way he was so proud. Still uncomfortable and very awkward. But endearing. And a heck of a lot better than having to be the one to do the talking, that's for sure. "Hope so, Mr. Hollingberry!" He grinned, half because he agreed with the sentiment, but mostly because this ordeal was now over.

"I should probably get going, wouldn't want to keep you any longer... Thanks for the tour, Sir!" The Minister was probably SUPER busy. And Zander didn't really have much else to say so if that was all... He'd... Just... Y'know... BYE!
Very VERY keen on hearing about these plans. The would likely effect his grandchildren some day!

Charles really could have gone on and on and then on some more with stories, especially seeing as they had not even covered one-hundredth of the photographs in here, but he supposed they could take a rain check on that for another day. No doubt the young man would be there further conversations here in his 'office'. If nothing else there would be a lesson plan proposal to be had.

"Ah well, I wouldn't want to keep you from your important work either, my boy," he said with a hand still planted firmly on the young man's shoulder. And some firm shakes there as well, for good measure of course. "I'll walk you out. Oh! Do take some yogurt covered raisins with you." It was really non-negotiable, seeing as he had already plucked a few from the bowl and slipped them into the boy's pocket on his dress shirt already.

Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
How were his children? "Off key and tone deaf most times but Mavis is beginning to prove a little less so. Kale may need to look elsewhere for his talents but we'll see." Alive. They were also alive. A pretty good indicator of parenthood if you asked him. If you'd asked him all those years ago, he'd have said he didn't know the first thing about being a father and was likely to make a mess of it, but now he could parent in his sleep--and often did! "We talk about it and they agree but I'm not sure how much they actually understand. Guess that's another thing we'll see when the time comes." He expected tears and at least ten occasions where "when are you coming home?" will be demanded.

Malachi settled back in the seat he'd taken, crossing his leg with the ankle resting on the other knee. He watched the man prepare the tea, giving serious attention to his words. The jokes of being fired aside, he assumed there was reason for this meeting here today.

"I am and I have." He said simply, replying to two specific questions raised. The polyjuiced Professors would be keeping their jobs for now at least and he did take everything into serious consideration regarding the concerns that had arisen in the last term. "I confess, I don't know the full extent of their involvement in...everything that took place but I've gotten the gist of it. I've already got plans to address things. Conversations I intend to have. It's nothing you'll need to be concerned with."

He was aware it wouldn't be a SMOOTH transition with all the messes left, but he did plan to make it less jarring than it could otherwise be.

Oh, tea.
Off key and tone deaf. Charles let out a healthy chuckle from deep in his belly at that. His own children had never taken quite to music the way that he had in his youth, but he had hardly brought much music into the home while they had been growing up. A missed opportunity, surely. "Well, perhaps we can arrange another camp fire sing along in the future," he mused. He would bring his own guitar, of course, and the grandchildren to accompany Trentula's own. "Still a bit of time before you have to ship off to Hogwarts and I am sure I can afford an evening or so somewhere."

Nursing his own tea with one cup of sugar, Charles nodded as the newest Hogwarts Headmaster (!!!) spoke.

"As long as it is addressed I will hope it is nothing more I need to concern myself with," he nodded firmly, though somewhat skeptically. "My grandson was all rather impartial to the whole ordeal. Far more curious as to the legal ramifications of polyjuice potion in a general sense. Seems his mother and father had a homework assignment on the very potion during their days at Hogwarts. Partnered up and polyjuiced into a classmate for the assignment. It would be wise to encourage your Potions Master to hold a seminar of sorts on potions and ethics." His emphasis was not just casual suggestion either.

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