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Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post

Nettie looked up when she heard a familiar voice and grinned as Eiji approached. She nodded and looked down at her bowl. "Yup, it's really good! A bit warm for a summers day but...I'm hungry, so I don't mind," she giggled. She wiggled a bit to the side to open up a space next to her, if he wanted to sit.

"Do you want to try some?" she asked, scooping up some with her spoon and holding it out slightly in offering.
Taking up her silent offer to sit beside her, he eyed the soup bowl in her possession and considered. Though he had not been entirely prepared for her to offer to feed him like that. "Uh...sure..." he nodded, leaning forward cautiously to take that free bite.

"Not bad." It was good...but not the sort of thing he wanted to spend his money on at the moment.

Leans back a little, mostly so he could observe her a bit more clearly. "You're looking well." For the record.

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