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Originally Posted by Govoni View Post
It wasn't unusual to have children wandering in on their own, but Florian was a bit taken aback by the seriousness. Small children weren't usually this grave. He wasn't judging, but it did make him a little sad. First wands were meant to be exciting, happy times. Hopefully he could coax a smile from the kid.

"If you'd like to help yourself to some flowers, you may." The selection was vast and vivid this summer, so the little boy was more than welcome to take whatever he wished. In the meantime, there were measurements to consider, so those drew his complete focus.

Hmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmm.

Without a word, the wandmaker disappeared into the stacks, sorting through the inventory for this or that. He mind was a strange place and it was typically unwise to question these things... but he usually found success! Yes, it took mere minutes for him to find what he'd been searching for. And if he looked entirely too pleased with himself, well.. That was another matter all together.

"Alright!.... Take hold of that and give it a firm swish!"
Any other happenings that were going around Ollivanders were lost on Noah, his faded blue eyes instead remained fixated on the tape as it went about his business and he found himself almost wanting to apologize to it for not having much to measure. He was scrawny and lacked in height, measuring up to very little overall.

Offering a simple, but polite, shake of the head at the offer of flowers - he wasn't sure where to put them if he did take any nor did he entirely understand what taking flowers had to do with receiving a wand. If any wand selected him at all, that is.

Which explained the very real reluctance that had seized his fragile frame as he looked at the wand the man was offering. There was something to say about the foreign comfort the wandmaker's chipper persona. An enthusiasm that reminded him very much of his papa in a way. Swallowing somewhat thickly, the red head reached for the wand with trembling slender, and rather bony, fingers and just baaaaaaarely brushed his fingers over the wood as though he expected it to shock him. It was only because nothing happened that he allowed his fingers to coil around it....and then held it out in front of him.

A firm swish. Right.

His grip was firm, knuckles even white from it, but his swish left much to be desired. In fact, it read much more like a gentle tap of the air.

And then, his worst nightmare.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

No sparks. No humble explosions. No tingling in his fingers. Nothing.

.............the wand had rejected him.

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