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Originally Posted by Govoni View Post
Much like happy customers, eager ones were also sunspots in Florian Dudemeider-Quackenboss' day! He rub his hands together in anticipation, ready to get his hands on the small girl's measurements. He was in the business of making dreams come true for these children. Setting them off on their own magical journeys. Yes, all that began with wands.

Hmm... This young child needed flowers. Yes, a small bouquet.. with bright hydrangeas and bold sunflowers! With the thought in mind, his hands had already began working to pull the aforementioned flora together, a joyous smile in place. Seriously, if he ever sold this place, he'd open his own flower shop. In fact, he might still do that... Oh the side. There was a market for flora during the school term, after all....

"Alright, these are for you, lovely." Florian presented the flowers and then plucked her measurements from the air. "Enjoy those, and I shall return!" A few options could work in this instance, so he went and collected a few different boxes for comparison. Spoiler alert: a lot of this was based on intuition, and these was no different. After a several moments, he collect one of the wands and toted it back to the small girl.

"Alright, let's see if this works. This one can be particular so be firm."
Valencia accepted the flowers and happily admired them. Magic was amazing. She rubbed the petals between her fingers wondering how long it would take until she was able to conjure flowers like this.

She was so deep in thought that she didn't notice when the wand man came back.

"Hm?" She blinked several times before remembering what happened. Right. Wand testing. She carefully took hold of the wand presented to her. She licked her lips and tightened her grip before giving it a firm swish and flick. She slowly exhaled a breath before grinning. She whispered, in awe, "It's like... a rush, isn't it?"
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