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Florian had worked tirelessly in his small wandshop for hours prior to its grand reopening for summer vacation. Due to his efforts, fresh flowers were now beautifully presented on gleaming, polished surfaces, and the displays held a special glow as he'd taken care to clean every shown item. There was a noticeable, pleasant floral scent permeating the space and once he'd finished properly brewing coffee and tea for his soon-to-be patrons, the wandmaker had shifted.

It was easier to nap in his animagus form (a large white wolf)... Less chance of wrinkling his clothing. And he rested easily on the soft rug between his armchairs, not-so-secretly ready to dazzle the first few children with real magic.

As it was, the doors were already unlocked and opened, ready for the first excited child to enter.

SPOILER!!: griffin, Sugarquillz, Lost In Thought, Zannash!
Originally Posted by griffin View Post
Cordelia ran through Diagon Alley to Ollivanders, closely followed by a care worker. Today was the day that she was finally getting her wand! It felt like she had been waiting a million years for this day. All of her older friends had been allowed to get wands before her, and it just wasn’t fair that she had to wait for so long. She wanted her own wand! Now the day had arrived when she and the other Stemp House kids her age were actually getting their very own wands. Entering the wand shop, Cordelia stepped up to the measuring area. The tape measure zoomed around her body, measuring her height, arms, legs, and even the circumference of her head. What did that have to do with her wand? Cordelia looked around the shop in awe as she waited for the measuring tape to finish. There were so many wands! She wondered which one would be hers. She couldn’t wait to try using a wand for the first time! Of course, she would have to show Drew her wand once she had it. When the measuring tape finally stopped moving, Cordelia stepped away from the measuring area and headed over to the counter. Watch out world, Cordelia Winklebleck was getting her wand! No more playing pretend in the garden with sticks for her, this was going to be the real deal!
Originally Posted by Sugarquillz View Post
Lucia was practically buzzing with excitement as she practically ran into Ollivanders. It was finally time to get her very own wand! This was a moment that she had been waiting for... for years! And now it was finally happening!

Pausing for a moment as she entered the shop she was slightly stunned. Shaking her head slightly to refocus she looked around, eyes catching sight of the measuring tape in front of her. That was probably where she needed to go. At least, she figured that was where she needed to be. Her eyes followed the measuring tape as it zipped around her, grinning at it. This was so cool!

Now... what to do after the measuring tape stopped zipping around as it was...?
Originally Posted by Lost In Thought View Post
Andrea walked into Ollivander's with an almost bored expression on her face. Her eyes scanned around the room, a faint spark of curiosity shifting in her eyes. That was the extent of response that she gave though.

Calmly, she walked over to the area with a measuring tape. She watched it flit around her, intrigued as she wondered what kind of spell it was that kept it going and whether that spell was the same one that recorded the measurements... actually where were the measurements recorded? That was something to look into.
Originally Posted by Zannash View Post
Mary Muldoon went in to get her wand, nervous. She walked over to the measuring tape and felt it zooming around her. This was much better than a human, it didn't ask for any interaction.

Still in his wolf form, Florian lazily observed as children began trickling into the shop. They looked so excited and eager, that he yipped happily in their directions, not moving to shift back quite yet. Later, he'd be slammed with customers, wall to wall, but for now, he wanted to simply enjoy the magic. Luckily, the measuring tape seemed to be behaving today. So far. He fully expected it to become more irate as the day wore on. As was it's way.

After a few more moments, he stood and gave a BIG STRETCH...before promptly shifting back into his human form. JAZZHANDS! The man was grinning widely as he casually retook his place behind the counter, snatching the hovering parchment bits from the air as he did so. Each piece was adorned with a series of numbers. Measurements. He made quick work pairing each set with the appropriate child, Florian had an eye for these things you see... "Hello to you all...and welcome to Ollivanders! Help yourself to whichever flowers you'd like and I'll return shortly with wands."

After a short time, the man returned; arms laden with various wand boxes. Never fear, dear children. He knew where each was potentially going. They were his best guesses, but there were others that could also work. It would depend on them, of course. Magic was drawn from within, after all.

"Alright, young miss (griffin). You first." Carefully unboxing the first wand, Florian held it out to the child, handle first. "This one has a kick, so a simple swish and flick should do it."


Wiping his hands down his pants leg, he hurried to collect the second of his collected wands, seeking out another of this small group (Sugarquillz). Florian beamed at her happily. "I believe this one might belong to you. The core is a potent one, so careful." The wood was one of his favorites, personally.


"Alright.... Some warning with this one. The materials have heavy associations with the fire element, so it won't take much. A simple point will do it." Due to some traumatizing experiences with backfiring wands, the wandmaker gave the young lady (Lost In Thought) a wide berth to work. It was a powerful wand, but the core could be volatile. Only a few could harness it.


Breathing a bit easier, he unboxed the final wand and presented it to the last child (Zannash) of the starting group. This wand was of a gentler nature and that told Florian this small girl was probably going to be sorted a Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. He'd gotten very good at telling the difference. An easy smile was offered. "This one is more subtle, but no less powerful. It's okay to use some force."

Originally Posted by Tazzie View Post
With a single glance back towards her brother, who nodded at her encouragingly to go in first before turning back to his conversation with an old classmate whom they met outside Ollivander's, Harri stepped inside the wand shop. Blue irises regarded the entirety of the place, subdued excitement thrumming through her veins. She was finally FINALLY getting her wand.

She watched as some girls, probably around her age, got measured by a magical measuring tape then stepped up when it was her turn. She consciously touched her messy dark blonde hair as it wiggled into place to get her height and all other weird measurements.


What next?
After taking a break to put the unbought wands away, Florian wiped counters down and awaited the next child. And she was just finishing up with the tape, producing a parchment piece that hovered for mere seconds before he snatched it. After a quick analysis, where he paid special attention to the width of her left nostril, he grabbed a few lavender sprigs. For her, of course. Everyone was gifted flowers when visiting this shop.

"These are you for you, missus. I'll return shortly." And with that, the wandmaker was slipping off to the stacks to search. It took longer than expected to find the specific wand he had in mind, but eventually, he was rejoining the fray.

"Let's see what you make of this, yeah?" As with others, it was being presented handle first. "Go on."

Originally Posted by cofeelicious View Post
Kohatsu Ai keep her face stoic. But her inner was excited. Don`t blame her, it was her nature.

the first thing caught her attention was the measuring tape. It keep moving and for Ai it was a sign to come closer. She did.

Ai headed into measure area and instantly, her body surrounded by the measuring tape. The little girl keep an eye on the measuring tape who did its job. Actually she`s never been let everyone-everything-touch her. But she tried her best ti endure the `ritual` because she couldn't wait to get her first REAL wand.
It always brought a smile to his face to see small children have pleasant experiences with the magical measuring device. It was a funny little piece of equipment. Dead useful, too. Once the girl finished, Florian waved her over, selecting a few different colored tulips, all varying colors of purple and yellow. They were vibrant and vivid; pretty. When she approached, he held them out for her to take.

"These flowers are you, madam." A touch of drama was added to his tone, as it was reaching that time of the morning when his coffee was finally making an impact. Caffeine could be funny like that. Only then did he take a gander at her numbers. "I predict a winged animal as your core." Phoenix, Fwooper, or Hippogriff feather.... One of those, surely. "Be right back."

....Only, he wasn't 'right back'. It took no less than ten minutes to find the wand he'd had in mind. In fact, he'd only managed to find it because he remembered grouping it with those recently polished that morning. "This is it. Maybe." Fingers crossed! "I suggest a firm wave." Go on!

Originally Posted by Shanners View Post
The uncertainty of everything magical had given Odaline nightmares since the day she found out about it and this had been the worst one. The mere thought of getting a wand had knocked her for six when her mother told her about it and she had pleaded for the outing to just be Mother and her for less embarrassment. She had gotten her way after hours of pleading and presenting all the reasons she needed her wand allocation to be perfect and that embarrassment would not give her a perfect score in her wand assessment.

Because everything was a test and Mother had told her no different.

So the shock of having this tape swish and curl around her was incredibly high. So much so, that Odaline spent a minute or two bashing it away with her hands and went so far as to spit at it. Which was when Mother stepped in and whispered into her ear that she was causing a scene and needed to control her behaviour instantly. The few words changed the way the eleven year old stood, her back straightened and her head bowed to look at the floor and she let the tape do what it needed to.
Of course, not everyone reacted to the tape in a favorable manner. As the small girl flailed her hands and pushed the device away, it only became more aggressive in trying to complete it's task. Aggressive and snappy. Florian covered with mouth, hiding his amused smile. Terrible, but also...perhaps it was time to replace that menace of a measuring device.

She'd earned a small bouquet, so the wandmaker busied himself with throwing together color-coordinated blooms. Red zinnias and lavender calla lilies, both springtime flora... "I apologize for the invasive measuring tape. It has an attitude at times." With a grin, he handed the bundle of flowers off. "Enjoy those....and I will see about getting you a wand to try."

Does just that, too, ambling back to the counter wearing a rather determined expression. "Give this one a try."

Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Despite papa and daddy reassuring him time and time again during their nightly story time before bed that the wand chooses the wizard and that one would choose him...Noah remained unconvinced. Why would he be anyone's first choice? Or even anyone's choice? He was still firm in his conclusion that the only reason they had adopted him was because of Hazel was his older sister and he was a mandatory add-on. He loved his family, his papa and daddy, and adored his sister...but he was simply that: a forgettable add-on.

And he was beginning to regret his insistence on entering Ollivanders on his own. But he wanted to do this and have something that was just his, so he supposed he shouldn't be lamenting too much. Thankfully the measuring tape was distracting enough as it whizzed about him, arms held out as straight as he could manage. He wasn't sure why the measuring tape needed to know the circumference of his forehead in addition to the circumference of the mop of fiery red hair atop his head, but he merely shrugged.

And if it had been an attempt at humor, it was lost on the 11-year-old.
It wasn't unusual to have children wandering in on their own, but Florian was a bit taken aback by the seriousness. Small children weren't usually this grave. He wasn't judging, but it did make him a little sad. First wands were meant to be exciting, happy times. Hopefully he could coax a smile from the kid.

"If you'd like to help yourself to some flowers, you may." The selection was vast and vivid this summer, so the little boy was more than welcome to take whatever he wished. In the meantime, there were measurements to consider, so those drew his complete focus.

Hmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmm.

Without a word, the wandmaker disappeared into the stacks, sorting through the inventory for this or that. He mind was a strange place and it was typically unwise to question these things... but he usually found success! Yes, it took mere minutes for him to find what he'd been searching for. And if he looked entirely too pleased with himself, well.. That was another matter all together.

"Alright!.... Take hold of that and give it a firm swish!"

Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post
Curtis was proud. Mostly. He had been looking forward to this day FOREVER. Papa Javy and Daddy Piersie were outside waiting on him to get his wand. His first wand. Wow. There was a special gleam in his blue eyes as he eyed the interior. He remembered hearing something about how the wand making the real choice at his Primary school. So why was he mostly proud? Well, he knew as soon as he gets the wand he would have to use it only for school which didn't officially start for a while. Hmph. But he wasn't going to pout now, he would prove how good he was. Right here. Right now.. or at least before he left the shop.

So he went to get himself fitted. The measuring tape flew around him and over him, he laughed at the sight. It was pretty cool, despite him being a bit ticklish. But just as soon as the measuring started it was over.

Okay, now the next part.
Happy kid equaled happy wandmaker. Yes, indeed! As with all those that had come before him, Florian pulled the parchment from its hovering position. For analysis, and such. After a cursory glance, he gathered this wand might be a bit special. One of the more rare woods he carried at this shop.

"Welcome to Ollivanders, young man. Excited?" ... Florian collected a few sprigs of lavender for him, before handing them over. "Those are for you...and I'm going to head back." ...He had a wand in mind that might work, but was cautious due to the materials that were used in it. Actually, it was one of the first he'd ever personally made after coming to work for Ira Banner. So, it took little time to go right to it.

Hm! "Alright, now a disclaimer, this wand has a bit of a kick. So... a simple point should do it." Or, actually, simply grasping it should be all they need to see, but each child was different. "Go on, then!"

Originally Posted by LilFox06 View Post
Valencia practically dragged her father, Carter Phillips, kicking and screaming down the ENTIRE alley to get here. How come he was doing this?! He should be excited. She was the youngest and it was finally time for her to get a WAND.

This. Was. Mon. U. Ment. ALLL. Monumental.

She eagerly hopped her way over to the measuring area and waited excitedly, with her arms outstretched. She did her best not to move too much, but the measuring tape whisking about was memorizing.

It was also quickly over. So now it was just a waiting game. Then she'd be matched with her perfect wand. (Then she could show it off to her cousins.)
Much like happy customers, eager ones were also sunspots in Florian Dudemeider-Quackenboss' day! He rub his hands together in anticipation, ready to get his hands on the small girl's measurements. He was in the business of making dreams come true for these children. Setting them off on their own magical journeys. Yes, all that began with wands.

Hmm... This young child needed flowers. Yes, a small bouquet.. with bright hydrangeas and bold sunflowers! With the thought in mind, his hands had already began working to pull the aforementioned flora together, a joyous smile in place. Seriously, if he ever sold this place, he'd open his own flower shop. In fact, he might still do that... Oh the side. There was a market for flora during the school term, after all....

"Alright, these are for you, lovely." Florian presented the flowers and then plucked her measurements from the air. "Enjoy those, and I shall return!" A few options could work in this instance, so he went and collected a few different boxes for comparison. Spoiler alert: a lot of this was based on intuition, and these was no different. After a several moments, he collect one of the wands and toted it back to the small girl.

"Alright, let's see if this works. This one can be particular so be firm."

Originally Posted by Jean Granger View Post

While most kids her age did not enjoy shopping for school supplies, Jade loved every moment of it. She had been looking forward to starting her first year at Hogwarts since she was a baby - and now that the time was almost here, she was excited about EVERYTHING, from buying her school robes to getting brand new notebooks (because what could be better than doodling on fresh parchment?).

And of course, what she was most looking forward to was getting her very own wand. The wand chooses the wizard... or in her case, the witch. She had grown up seeing adults around her doing all sorts of magic with just a flick of their wand. And soon enough she would be able to do that herself! She was determined to master ALL the spells on her new textbooks and become the best witch in the entire Wizarding World.

But first things first, uh, measurements? Jade stood still and watched as the measuring tape zipped around doing its measurement thing. When that was done, she stepped away from the area and waited impatiently for her turn.
Well, Florian could tell that he was in the presence of quite a determined young lady. Call it that special intuition he'd mentioned before. As he waited patiently for her turn at the measuring tape to finish, he mindlessly wiped at his counters. He took his shop's tidiness very seriously! He didn't have to wait long, of course. It seemed like mere moments before he was ushering her closer.

"You did well! You may treat yourself to a few flowers, if you wish." The wandmaker had gotten better about pushing his flowers off on people. It hadn't occurred to him that not everyone would appreciate them properly, so now... he had to gauge the situation more closely. So that his customers never felt uncomfortable. With a wave of the small bit of parchment, he grinned. "I have a few ideas in mind for your wand. Hold tight." With that he was off and searching out Rowan wands. This child definitely fell into that category. There was an aura.. Rowan wands were very special.

Hmmmm. Yes, yes. "Okay.. give this a wave. See what you make of it."

Originally Posted by Symphora View Post
Isla couldn't express enough how incredibly exciting it was to FINALLY getting her own wand. Her very FIRST wand! She was so eager to have one, it was hard to refrain herself from leaping with joy.

She watched with awe in her eyes, her mouth agape as she let the measuring tape fly around her. A fit of involuntary giggles came out of her mouth when it tried to measure the length of her arms, shoulders, the bridge of her nose and even the circumference of her head! "Hey, that tickles!"

The strawberry-haired eleven-year-old stood patiently in line with the others. Isla wondered how long would it take for the wand to choose its wizard or witch. She hoped she had enough galleons to spare for her new wand. If not, she would have to call her daddy who was waiting outside with her mama.
It was during these lulls in activity that Florian longed to shift back into his animagus form. Not to nap, so much as just... bask in the special freedom it allowed. It was a powerful feeling, being able to go from one form to another. He felt the itch beneath his skin.. Perhaps during his lunch break... Yes. Until then, he contented himself with the happiness of the children and parents... Though, the parents seemed more haggard than the previous.

He'd find out all about that soon enough!

After a moment...and the tape completing it's task, he gestured for the small girl to step forward. "Welcome to Ollivanders! Help yourself to a flower or two...while I head back and find the perfect wand for you!" It sounded like such a company line, but it really wasn't. Her wand was waiting patiently somewhere in this shop. After taking a gander at her numbers, he grinned widely and headed back. This one would be rare.. The distance between her eyebrows said so!

Hmmmmm. They'd start here. "Alright, this one is kinda stubborn, so be firm with it! Go on."

Originally Posted by Sangeetha View Post
Kaira walked in total awe of the place. Wow, she mouthed.

This was indeed a special moment, her very first wand!! Yippee..! She stood patiently as the tape took her measurements and waited in line with the others for her wand! Her very own wand! Yay!!
After taking a few moments to restock wands that hadn't been matches, Florian went about tidying his flower baskets. It seemed like a better idea, letting the children pick their own flowers, but they weren't the most careful bunch, and really, that was okay, but.. Well, no. It was okay. It only took a few moments to straighten up.

Crisis averted.

"Step on up, young lady! Welcome, welcome." It always felt more rewarding as an experience when the children were having as much fun as you were. He enjoyed his job. "If you'd like a flower or two, help yourself..." It was said as a bit of an afterthought as this point, force of habit, as he read over her measurements. Ah... this would be another rare wand wood. Florian had a sixth sense about these things. "If you give me a moment or two, I'll return with your wand. Possibly." He could get them close, but again, each child displayed their magic differently. Oh, but he had a good feeling about this one.

He went right to it, carrying the box back with a wide, excited smile. That really didn't mean anything, though.. He always looked quite excited. "Give this one a go! A swish and flick should do it!"
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