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Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
Despite everything that was bothering her, Charlotte WAS happy to spend time with her sister, and she was proud of her and everything of course, and she did feel a little bad that her situation (even if she didn't want it to) kind of took precedence over the whole Head Girl thing, when her sister getting the exact same badge that their mum had in her school days really should have been the biggest most important thing going on in their family right then.

Except it wasn't. Timing was a witch and all that.

Their mum insisted that she could be happy for all her babies equally (in those exact, cringe-making words) but Char wasn't entirely sure that her situation was a thing to be happy for yet. It was.... too big to think about, even if she was running out of time to avoid thinking about it. It was good reason enough actually to try and put all attention on Chloe, at least while she could. So the summer. And now in particular.

"If you're hungry, Chlo, why don't you get a whole one? Pick me something with cream." She paused and then added, "LOTS of cream." CREAM was fine, right? Char side eyed her mother, half-expecting her to say that was on the no-no list.

Charlotte Hannah Kettleburn hated the no-no list with a vengeance.

She noticed Chloe fussing with her dress and Char slipped her wand out of the wrist holster she still preferred to wear. "Let me." She didn't wait for an answer, instead went ahead with a nice gentle cooling charm on her sister's dress... and then after a second's thought, one on the chair itself too. Her own as well actually - that way the sticking wasn't a problem. And oh alright, mum's too.

"I didn't, but it had to have been a Ravenclaw." Celandine said, laughing lightly. And then she remembered her big girl was RAVENCLAW'S NEWEST HEAD GIRL and she got all proud and emotional all over again and reached out to tuck Chloe's hair behind her ear. Oh wait. She looked at Charlotte and added hurriedly, "Not that a Gryffindor couldn't come up with such clever puns of course!" She ignored the eye roll Char flashed her in response and instead focused on Charlotte's charmswork.

"Nicely done, thank you Plimpy." Celandine took her purse out and counted out some money, and slid it over to Chloe. "Espresso and a flatbread for me, sweetheart. You don't mind ordering for all of us do you?" Her big girl!!!! So grown up!
If Chloe was less devoted to her mother and older sister, it would bother her that Charlotte was getting the enTIRE spotlight and that her mother couldn't even spare a compliment for one without dividing it for the other. She was secure in her uniqueness and didn't require a warm fuzzy just because Charlotte was getting one. But she wanted her own party, mmk?

"Okay. A croissant for me and something with cream for Char and an espresso and flatbread for Mum," she grabbed the money from her mother and headed off to order their food. She didn't mind, really, although it wasn't like Char's legs had broken.

Her mother was so emotional right now, wasn't she? She was calling Char by her baby name and getting all tearful and Merlin, was Char going to be like this in a few more months? Chloe returned with their food and drinks and slid back into her seat. It was still cool, thank you VERY much, Charlotte.

You should read this.
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