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Rylee stepped into Madam Malkin's with no idea of what she was looking for. Not that the fourteen even needed anything today. She had already gotten herself all new robes and shirts, skirts and shoes for her forth year. There was those three weddings she was very likely going to attend next year that she was definitely going to need new dress robes for! Perfect reason to be in here right now.

Making her way around a few people she walked right for the dress robes to have a look at what was there. The weddings might be a whole year away but a year was going to go super fast when she was at school for most of that time!

Spotting a girl about her age looking at the dress robes already she smiled at her (Dahlia). "Hello. There's so many options to choose from, hm?" Rylee was going to have a really hard time choosing what she liked the best.

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