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Originally Posted by LilFox06 View Post
Oh. Valencia did have a question. "There's an approved list of pets I can take to school, isn't there? My parents said I could get whatever I want -- well, it was my mum who said that -- because, according to her, it's easy to sneak pets in."

Wait. There was a question in there.

"What do you think? I kind of want a lizard. But maybe I shouldn't? My older brother keeps grasshoppers and hasn't gotten in trouble. I don't know if those count as 'pets' though."

"Hi Harri." Valencia greeted excitedly. It would be good to know people before school started. She wanted lots of friends. Being friendly was a good place to start.

She busied herself creating stacks of four gold coins when the house elf answered the question. "Won't you get in trouble buying hamsters instead of supplies...?"
Originally Posted by Tazzie View Post
Harri grinned at the other girl, Valencia. She liked her named too, but it took too much effort to say, she preferred to call people by a shortened version of their names. But they weren't that close yet so maybe after this, when they really become friends, she could ask her.

For now, Harri got distracted at the arrival of the shopkeeper. "Hello, Mr. Evan." She showed him the hamster in his hand in way of greeting, and chuckled a bit when Toddles told him, in a rather frank way, that he wasn't needed. As for questions, she didn't have one but Valencia and she seemed smart so the eleven year old listened in. She wanted a lizard? As far as Harri knew, the only reptile really allowed was a toad. She kind of want a toad! Hmm. Decisions...decisions.

Letting the hamster scurry from one arm to the other, Harri refocused on the house elf. "You need only one hamster? I think you can go with this one," she offered the one in her hand, being helpful.

But something else piqued her curiosity. "Oh, Toddles. Did you say Hogwarts? I'm going to Hogwarts!" She gave Valencia a questioning look as well.
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Aaww, the young girl called him Mister Evan! How sweet was that! Evan couldn't stop himself from smiling at the young girls as well as the house elf. Toddles didn't need him. Welp. That certainly told him, now didn't it? The frankness in which it was said normally would have had him raising an eyebrow but it was also said cheerfully which was enough to make him chuckle. "Thank you for your honesty, Toddles."

One of the girl did have a question and a very good one at that. "Hogwarts does indeed have an approved list. Cats, owls, rats and toads." It was a rather peculiar list in his opinion but it had always been that way. "I'm sure there has been quite the number of students that do sneak in pets, however I would highly discourage you from doing this as I wouldn't want you getting into trouble should you be caught or anything to happen to your pet as it shouldn't be there in the first place."

"I will tell you this though, there's barns full of creatures at Hogwarts. I believe it depends on the Creature professor and the Headmaster at the time but I have been told that sometimes they allow students to keep a pet in there if given the proper permission to do so first." It was up to the young girl to find this out for sure though and get that permission. He did have a wide variety of lizards though in the shop if that was truly what she would like.
Toddles grinned at the mister. He was most welcome! Toddles not so sure what for but the mister was.

What else the mister had to say about pets was nothing Toddles needed to worry about too much. Toddles was an elfsies, not a studentsies. So none of those rules applied to him anyway.

"Mister Master Headmaster listsies is gone. Toddles can't but what he no knows he has to buy. Tea pots making no hissing noises when no elfsies in the kitchen to hears it!" It only made sense to the house elf and Toddles was meant to spend these shinies so Toddles could do that! "Toddles did, Missus Hurry! Toddles is one of the elfsies who helps in the kitchens. Nimma bringsies Toddles to Hogwarts and helps Toddles makes it his homesie!" Round eyes focusing on the ha-mu-star in Missus Hurry's pretty handsies, Toddles cupped his own so he could be given the cute fluffy scrub brushy.

And once the Mister Master Shopkeeper went about his business, Toddles offer Missus Hurry and Missus Vanilla his services in bringing special pets to Hogwarts. Studentsies rules no apply to elfsies.
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