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What had happened to the cafe with coloured umbrellas? Celandine had always liked going there best of all during her Diagon Alley shopping sprees, especially as an adult, and especially with her two beautiful big girls in tow. No matter though! A new tradition maybe? Though she much preferred the bright umbrellas to the wispy velvet of this place.

"Espresso Patronum! Isn't that clever? Where do you girls want to sit? Outside? Lets sit outside in the sun! Its too nice a day to hide away indoors, don't you think, Chloworm? Charbear I wish you would take that silly jumper off, its far too hot, you'll overheat, its not good for the b--"

"--I get it, mum!" Charlotte hugged herself, quite intent on keeping the oversized Kenmare Kestrels (Whittebrook of course) hoodie on despite the summer sun. She was already using cooling charms and it was nobody's business. Why did everyone think it was their business about if she was too hot or too cold or anything else? Besides, she was wearing stretchy short shorts that kept her plenty cool.

Char was glad to let her shopping bags drop to the ground, half-stuffed under the table where nosy people couldn't read the bags' labels. She adjusted her oversized sunglasses and hoped that they would keep her incognito. She'd not been carrying her bags, of course, but she had insisted on levitating them. She could still do that at least.

"What would you girls like to eat? No coffee, Charlotte, remember." Celandine beamed at both of her daughters and patted one of the chairs for Chloe to sit down too. It was much easier to ignore the little grumps that Char had been getting herself in. Just gloss over it! She'd come right, Celandine was sure. It was an exciting time and she wouldn't let her eldest daughter put a damper on their nice day out when there was so much to celebrate! Especially because she was so proud of Chloe and it wouldn't be all that long until her youngest daughter would be off to Hogwarts again!
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