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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Was it him or did young ones always enter his shop when he was feeding the creatures? That always seemed to be the way but that was quite alright with him. Evan had his eyes on the two young girls and was that... a house elf? Well that was curious. Had he ever had the pleasure of having a house elf in his shop? Not that he could recall but this was only his second summer here.

Closing up one of the cages he had just put a small dish of creature food into, the older man turned on his heel and made his way over to the small group, a warm friendly smile on his face. "Hello, I'm Evan the shopkeeper here at the Menagerie. If you have any questions about any of the creatures or need assistance with anything please don't hesitate to ask." It was after his job to help everyone but more importantly he enjoyed interacting with all of his customers whither they bought something or not! He truly believed there was the perfect familiar out there for everyone it was just a matter of finding it.
Oh. Valencia did have a question. "There's an approved list of pets I can take to school, isn't there? My parents said I could get whatever I want -- well, it was my mum who said that -- because, according to her, it's easy to sneak pets in."

Wait. There was a question in there.

"What do you think? I kind of want a lizard. But maybe I shouldn't? My older brother keeps grasshoppers and hasn't gotten in trouble. I don't know if those count as 'pets' though."

Originally Posted by Tazzie View Post
Toddles. What an odd, cute name. She liked it!

As the other girl was doing the money thing, Harri bounded over to where the fluffy soft scrub brushsies were. Hamsters! Toddles meant hamsters. Some of them squeaked and ran around, others looked curiously up to her. She picked up a chubby white one with one hand and turned back to the girl and the house elf to share her name too. "And I'm Harri! With an i." She said, raising her free hand. "Very nice to meet you both."

"So Toddles, your Mister Master Headmaster gave you money to buy hamsters? That's very kind of him." He must really care for his house elves.

Originally Posted by Toddles View Post
Toddles was usually good with names of the misters and missus but today was not one of those days. Today Toddles was way way waywaywaywayway too distracted by thoughts of using his moneies to gets himself a pet! Therefore they became Missus Vanilla and Missus Hurry in his memory.

"Ha-mu-ster-s," he repeated. That was a funny sounding name and made Toddles think about ham. Were these fuzzy tiny pigs then? No, they squeaks like studentsies' fluffy pygmy puffs and other mices Toddles sometimes sees in the kitchens. "Toddles on thinks of getting one..." But maybe if he only got one then it would feel sad and lonely without a friendsies? He had lots and lots of gold shinies in his bag. He could surely get two or even three!

"Oh no," he said somewhat gravely with a shake of the head which sent his floppy ears this way and that. "Mister Master Headmaster gives Toddles and the others shinies to buy supplies for Hogwarts. But Toddles lost his list so can't but what Mister Master Headmaster asky for."
"Hi Harri." Valencia greeted excitedly. It would be good to know people before school started. She wanted lots of friends. Being friendly was a good place to start.

She busied herself creating stacks of four gold coins when the house elf answered the question. "Won't you get in trouble buying hamsters instead of supplies...?"
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