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Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
"I'm alright," Jó said brightly, hearing the voice of the shopkeeper behind him. He didn't turn around or take his eyes from the clicky pen he was holding, though - he didn't even realise how rude it would have seemed.

Nor did Józef care. He only looked up when someone WALKED RIGHT INTO HIM?!?! And he was NOT impressed, although his scowl quickly turned into an amused grin when he saw who it was. "You should be sorry, Trinetta," he couldn't help but say in response to her apology. Because it was COMPLETELY her fault, and not his for standing in the middle of the aisle, preoccupied with the clicky pen.

Which he clicked again, just for good measure.
Regretting ever stepping foot in this store, Nettie just sighed heavily. "What is THAT?" she asked, looking at the clicking thing that he was holding in his hand. It looked like a muggle pen - but why did it CLICK like that? She had to admit, it was kind of intriguing.

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