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Originally Posted by Nymphadoraliz View Post
Exiting the lift Ryder's eyes moved from side to side before glancing at his team and moved forward into reception. Time to clear each of the departments and make sure all was secure. It might not be due to a huge uprise but it did not hurt to do dry runs. "Anything?" he murmured to the one nearest him as he held his wand out. He only spotted a new receptionist nearby at his desk.

Royland would be pretty bad at his job if he didn't notice the man coming out of the lift, wand drawn like something was about to jump out at him at any moment. Raising a blond eyebrow, Royland set down the pile of magazines he was straightening and waved at the man.

"Erm...hi. Need help?" he asked. More importantly - did Royland need to be concerned for his LIFE or anything??

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