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Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
When Maeve mentioned that rules might not be as strict as they were when Scrimgeour was Headmaster the previous term, Daisy nodded. "I certainly hope so. I wonder who will be teaching Charms. I got on well with Professor Marchand and it is sad that he had to step down from his position."

Daisy took a sip of her coffee as she thought about what she was going to do for summer. "Well, I'm getting myself back into learning how to fly properly because I hope to try out for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. Due to the injury, I sustained during the Inferi attack two terms ago, I had to rest it. It is now better. I also just plan to spend time with my mum and aunt."
Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
Patrick smiled wondering what made Maeve stop deadbin her tracks for a moment. He wondered if she though this was some meeting of the leadership minds. Which it wasn’t honestly Patrick hated talking school—aside from quidditch, outside of school. And just as quick as Maeve had looked alarmed she was back to asking questions. “Oh just playing baseball and some quidditch here and there back in the states. You two?”

He hadn’t thought much about who would be coming into the school since the whole regime had basically been let go. And most of the new professors were likely going to leave too. It was a weird dynamic. If he was honest his whole experience at Hogwarts was weird. He nodded his head at Daisy, “im glad to hear that I’m sure it’s been difficult,” he was glad he had been off studying in the library when he attack happened. “What about you Maeve? Any big plans for the summer?” he smiled at her enjoying the sass that she usually added to the conversation.
Oh. Maeve forgot about that. New Head of House. The fifth year bit her lip thoughtfully, "hopefully someone just as brave and kindhearted. Who you reckon might be my new Head of House? Actually, Anna might know." Girl being Captain and all... wait, did Captains have communication with their Heads of Houses or just the flying professor?

Wait. Daisy too on the quidditch train!?!? Why was Hogwarts so obsessed with quidditch?? Didn't they have any other hobbies??

"Me? I'm ... I'm mostly just enjoying the no classes and regulations. My aunt .... you know, Professor Sabra... she's taking me on a trip to Egypt next week. So that'll be fun. And I'll probably swing by St Mungos too." She wondered vaguely if she should let Patrick and Daisy in on the information her Aunt told her when she arrived home or wait. Eh, probably wait. They didn't need to know. Also, sass, who her? Neverrrr
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