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While most kids her age did not enjoy shopping for school supplies, Jade loved every moment of it. She had been looking forward to starting her first year at Hogwarts since she was a baby - and now that the time was almost here, she was excited about EVERYTHING, from buying her school robes to getting brand new notebooks (because what could be better than doodling on fresh parchment?).

And of course, what she was most looking forward to was getting her very own wand. The wand chooses the wizard... or in her case, the witch. She had grown up seeing adults around her doing all sorts of magic with just a flick of their wand. And soon enough she would be able to do that herself! She was determined to master ALL the spells on her new textbooks and become the best witch in the entire Wizarding World.

But first things first, uh, measurements? Jade stood still and watched as the measuring tape zipped around doing its measurement thing. When that was done, she stepped away from the area and waited impatiently for her turn.
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