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Originally Posted by Toddles View Post
Toddles no mind the Missus' stares. Though that was mostly because Toddles no notice her stares at all! Far too busy pushing the shinies around in his palm with one of his slender elfsies fingers. Though his ears did give a delightful twitch when the one Missus offered to help and even more happy twitches when the other Missus agreed and knew who Toddles was.

"I is, Missus!" he squeaked while puffing out his elfsies sized chest. Quickly pulling open the bag so the rest of the coins could be seen (and there was quite a fair bit of monesies inside. Toddles was meant to be buying very important supplies for Hogwarts upon request of the Mister Master Headmaster, after all!) as well as dumped what he had been holding into the hands of the especially eager Missus.

"Toddles no mind dumb questions, Missus! Algamus tell Toddles he ask them all the time!" he gleefully responded to the other Missus, a rare twinkle of genuine gratitude in his giant eyes. "Those be the fluffy soft scrub brushsies," he explained, one of his long slender fingers now pointing towards the cages that read "hamsters". "Toddles wants to buy himself one of those with the monesies Mister Master Headmaster gives!"
Originally Posted by LilFox06 View Post
Oooh. It looks like this girl knew the house elf. Interesting.

"Hi, Toddles. I'm Valencia." she introduced herself cheerfully. She looked around trying to figure out what the house elf was trying to buy. "Oh. The hamsters. They're soft and like to run around." She knew all about animals. Her mom was always rattling off random facts.

"How many are you getting?" she asked already starting to organize the stack of coins. "Four gold coins is more than enough to get one." Which seemed like a lot in her opinion, but maybe they did something special.
Toddles. What an odd, cute name. She liked it!

As the other girl was doing the money thing, Harri bounded over to where the fluffy soft scrub brushsies were. Hamsters! Toddles meant hamsters. Some of them squeaked and ran around, others looked curiously up to her. She picked up a chubby white one with one hand and turned back to the girl and the house elf to share her name too. "And I'm Harri! With an i." She said, raising her free hand. "Very nice to meet you both."

"So Toddles, your Mister Master Headmaster gave you money to buy hamsters? That's very kind of him." He must really care for his house elves.


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