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Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
Patrick glanced up from his book, letting his thumb slide to the center and the pages closing around it. He had been entranced by the words on the page, something that typically happened as he loved books. He noticed that Daisy was standing in front of him. He wasn’t sure where he stood with her. She was very nice, but a strict rule follower and that was not something that he was always for.

Sure she had been a bit tough on the firstie on the train last term but he figured it was because she didn’t want people to run over her. He was always going to make sure people got a second chance. Today, Daisy was getting her second chance. They had some nice interactions before but that train ride couldn’t be whobshe was ALL the time.

Smiling at his classmate, “sure have a seat. How’s your summer goin’?” he took a sip of some water he had in his bottle from home and looked at her before his attention going back to Maeve one of his most interesting friends. He liked her she was always brutally honest. A bit quirky but honest. She was a big personality that was always fun. “Maeve join us!” he said knowing Daisy and her should both join them... the more friends the merrier... right?
Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
"Thanks, Patrick," Daisy replied with a smile as she sat down. She then sighed as she ran a hand through her hair.

"My summer is going pretty well after a few days of walking on eggshells around my mother and aunt. They found out about what happened during last term and mum hoped that I didn't retaliate or get myself into any trouble whereas my aunt was a tad disappointed that I wasn't a bit more rebellious. I was upset at how the school was being run but I knew how hurt my mother would be if I got myself detention, lost my Prefect badge and got expelled."

She thought back to the train ride at the start of the last term. "I do have some regret with how I treated Josef but I'm still going to adhere to the rules but this time, I plan on being more flexible."

Daisy spotted Maeve and as Patrick invited her to sit down, she gave the girl a smile. "Hey, Maeve. How're you? Please join us!"
Join us. Okay that was code for 'we're not on a date' at least in Maeve's mindset. She grinned at them both overhearing Daisy talking about retaliation and Josef and oh wait, Daisy was a prefect! How'd she nearly forget that? Probably cause she hadn't crossed paths with the slightly older girl that often.

Wait. This wasn't some sort of informal gathering to talk leadership cause suddenly she felt insecure. Hmm.... perhaps she could change tide of the conversation with her presence?

"I don't think the rules count anymore since the old regime got removed at the feast. Personally I won't be sorry to see morning SORE routine go!" She was not a fan and would say so until her graduation day. "But enough Hogwarts! I don't wanna think about that place or exams or classes or .." she trailed off not wanting to mention that O word that pertained to fifth years. "Its summer! Any exciting plans? Or have you already done something fun?"
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