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Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
"That sounds incredible," Leander said, after another low whistle. "I've only been scuba diving once - a family holiday, years ago - but I loved it." Maybe when he was rich he'd spend some time on this island. What was it called? Cozumel.

He'd have to try and remember that.

When Evony explained further, Leander nodded. "You're just working in Ibiza? Seems silly to go to the party island and not, you know, party?" He grinned.
Evony nodded enthusiastically. "I like watching things swim. It's relaxing. Especially the brightly colored fish." she said rambling ever so slightly, which was odd for her. She preferred to keep private things private. Her enjoyment of something like fish was a rather private thing to her.

She laughed lightly at his question. "What makes you think parties aren't part of my job?" she asked with a wink. "People pay to get their clothes seen."
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